Letters to the Editor
4 months ago
School committee must cut more expenses
On Tuesday night (July 18), the SAD 4 budget committee met and applied the additional state money in excess of $200,000 as revenue to the 2018 fiscal year budget. That will help to lower town assessments. At the beginning of the meeting, the committee skipped the time for audience input, but later asked if there were questions, which it tried to answer. However, at no time did the committee solicit recommendations for further cutting of expenses.
5 months ago
Support ranked-choice voting
On November 8, 2016, Maine voters overwhelmingly favored a citizens' referendum for Ranked-Choice Voting. Since that exciting moment in the political history of the United States (Maine being the first state to pass a referendum for the ranking of votes for state legislature, governorship and Maine's four congressional delegates), the Judiciary and Senate have done their part to put this bill before our House of Representatives for a two-thirds vote for a constitutional change.
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