Letters to the Editor
1 month ago
Save Sangerville Town Hall  
During recent meetings, the select board of Sangerville has discussed the possibility of giving up on the historic town hall in favor of building a new, smaller facility for town government. It seems that the present town hall is in need of extensive repairs which will be costly for the residents. While the board is to be complimented on their efforts to save money for the citizens of Sangerville, the bottom dollar should not always be the driving force behind a decision of this magnitude. There are other perspectives about the town hall and its future that should be explored.
1 month ago
Time for Bloomberg  
Donald Trump talked big about lowering the price of prescription drugs, but instead about the only thing he’s done is take big money. Trump promised nearly 80 times to lower drug prices or claimed he already had -- yet, in the first six months of 2019, 3,400 drugs increased their prices at a rate five times higher than inflation. We need a president who won’t sell us out, and who can take real action to lower drug prices. Mike Bloomberg will be that president.
3 months ago
Civil servants
I find it almost comical that Scott K. Fish chose to reference Hugh Hewett in his Jan. 10, 2020 column about a modern government workforce as someone we should take to heart when critiquing civil servants. In state, local and federal government there certainly is room for improvement, but why would we seek answers from an individual who has made a living promoting an agenda that has nothing to do with the working class, instead focusing on advancing hypotheses that ignore science while willfully promoting debunked theories in order to obfuscate the truth, all under the guise his Christian faith affords him a platform to educate the public while sharing his opinions which predominantly adhere to party lines, even at the cost of him being hypocritical.
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