9 hours ago
Piscataquis County Democratic Committee forum examines how to ensure success for children and families
Throughout the year the Piscataquis County Democratic Committee is holding a series of non-partisan information forums on various issues facing the region. The most recent “Ensuring the Success of Our Youngest Mainers: A Conversation about Children and Families in Piscataquis County” during the afternoon of Aug. 2 at Mayo Regional Hospital examined related challenges such as poverty, food insecurity, and barriers in accessing care, and the discussion featured Maine Speaker of the House of Representatives Sara Gideon, D-Freeport.
Column9 hours ago
Firing of Google employee squelches ‘open and honest discussion’
The Washington Post boldly declared that it said women were “genetically unsuited for tech jobs." CNN said that it claimed "women are not biologically fit for tech roles." Time Magazine said it was an "anti-diversity tirade. Gizmodo called it a "screed," as did The Atlantic. Vanity Fare went with "anti-diversity manifesto." “It” was the controversial memo drafted by a Google employee, criticizing the company’s internal policies on bias and diversity. A memo that got him fired.
8 hours ago
Low impact forestry workshop coming to Piscataquis County on Aug. 31
The Introduction to Low Impact Forestry workshop will be held on Thursday, Aug. 31 with a rain date of Friday, Sept. 1. The workshop is designed for stewards of small or large woodlots who are interested in safely developing a set of skills to cut and harvest wood products in an ecologically sound tradition. This workshop is intended to bring participants up to speed on low impact forestry principles and practices.