Outdoors in Maine3 days ago
Maine’s black bear problem is growing
Standing in the shadows of the half-light by the kitchen window, she was pointing out by the bird feeder. A large black bear was standing on all fours not 15 feet from the sliding glass door on which it had slathered its drool the night before. Having hunted bears and guided some, I’m a pretty good judge of size. This bruin was in the neighborhood of 250 pounds! He just stood there gazing calmly at the bird feeder station. He then sniffed at the pole that had held the feeder, which we had removed after the previous night’s raid.
5 days ago
Milo couple’s giving to the community continues with opening of Greater Milo/Brownville and Points North Visitor Center
An area of the Eastern Piscataquis Business Park off outer Park Street that once was empty has had several buildings constructed and donated to the Three Rivers Kiwanis Club of Milo/Brownville over the last few years thanks to the generosity of Milo residents Tom and Nancy Harrigan. The Harrigans have provided a Kiwanis Headquarters, auction storage facility, Harris Pond Pavilion and the Harrigan Learning Center and Museum of Fossils, Minerals, and Indian Artifacts.
Letter2 days ago
Saying goodbye
Wouldn’t it be nice if the Maine legislature could get along in order to get things done in Augusta? Well, you may think it’s not possible, but I would argue that here in Maine we have a unique chance to make that happen. In fact, I believe we are at a significant turning point in American politics, and Maine could lead the way. Unfortunately, we have to overcome persisting resistance from those who don’t want to give up their power or control over the Maine legislature. But on June 12 we have the chance to finally put these career politicians in their rightful place, out of office.