3 days ago
Prong Pond one of many new trails in Moosehead Lake region
The Forest Society of Maine (FSM) is responsible for monitoring the Moosehead Region Conservation Easement (MRCE), 359,000 acres of permanently conserved working forestlands located east and west of Moosehead Lake. When the MRCE was put in place in 2012, a related effort was launched to identify 121 acres, within the MRCE boundaries, where non-motorized trails should be constructed or improved, and made permanent with trail easements. Decisions about trail locations were largely driven by a local committee, of which FSM Executive Director Karin Tilberg was a member.
Letter3 days ago
Now is the time for ranked choice voting for president
As we near the end of this current legislative session, it is crucial that we contact our district's House Representatives now to express support for LD 1083 “An Act To Implement Ranked Choice Voting for Presidential Primary and General Elections in Main”' because right now is our last chance for such a bill, if passed any time in the next four weeks, to improve our voting system in Maine in time for the 2020 presidential election. Go online to http://legislature.maine.gov/house/house/ or call the House's Clerk's Office at 287-1400 to leave your message for your district representative.