6 days ago
Strengthening Maine Woods tourism resilience
In a previous OpEd, I described three “shocks” challenging Maine tourism’s resilience: changing climate, changing general economic conditions and changing global markets. Some disturbances are unavoidable, like warming winters, while others are uncertain, like another severe economic recession. Some shocks will have negative impacts for Maine, like less reliable snow cover, while others may be advantageous, like climate disruptions at competing destinations.
4 weeks ago
Job open for literate, friendly thinker
I am doing something these last two weeks I once did all the time, but not much the last several years. For about 30 years I owned a circa 1820 post-and-beam Cape with an El. That house always needed fixing or sprucing. And I was lucky to have neighbors, friends and family I could hire to tackle the tricky stuff (electrical wiring, plumbing), but I wanted to do as much of the home repair as possible. I was curious much more than I was trying to save a buck as a do-it-yourselfer.
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