1 month ago
Passion for others motivates Dexter Key Club well-drilling project
Lilah McCormack, a sophomore at Dexter Regional High School, is an eager member of that school’s Key Club and chairs its “Thirst Project” which aims to provide clean water via a deep well to an impoverished area of Swaziland in Africa. Aino Rudloff-Eastman, a DRHS senior and Key Club veteran, recently helped McCormack present the well-drilling project to an attentive audience at Dexter Dover Area Towns in Transition’s monthly public discussion meeting at the Abbott Memorial Library.
2 months ago
Mayo officials looking at merger with Northern Light Health
With total operating expenses having surpassed net patient revenue for more than half a decade, Mayo Regional Hospital officials and its governing HAD 4 board of directors have been looking at options for the long-term future of the West Main Street facility. A possibility being explored is for Mayo Regional Hospital to become part of Eastern Maine Health System -- which at the start of the month took on the new name Northern Light Health -- and hospital officials were present at the Oct. 22 Dover-Foxcroft selectmen’s meeting to discuss the potential change.
2 months ago
Dexter councilors approve medical retail marijuana moratorium
The town council passed a moratorium ordinance regarding medical retail marijuana during an Oct. 11 meeting. The moratorium ordinance will be in effect for 180 days through May 11, 2019 -- residents can still use medicinal and recreational marijuana within the law -- as the document covers the location, operation, permitting, approval or licensing of any medical marijuana retail stores, registered dispensaries, testing facilities, and manufacturing facilities in Dexter.
3 months ago
Dexter’s ‘Good Morning Neighbor’ phone-call program in operation
If you are living alone as a person 60-plus years of age or as an adult with a disability, you may feel vulnerable or frightened from time to time. Family members, whether they are siblings or adult children, are increasingly busy as they scramble to make a living and raise their children. Adult children move far away for new, life opportunities, leaving parents and siblings behind by themselves. Individuals are often completely alone.
3 months ago
Helping Hands receives Maine Community Foundation award for early childhood planning
In partnership with the United Way of Northeastern Maine, Helping Hands with Heart (HHH) has received one of six Early Childhood Community Planning Grants in the amount of $25,000 from The Maine Community Foundation. These funds will support a rigorous study of the region’s age 0-5 population, map community resources, identify barriers to early childhood education and develop local solutions intended to help communities ensure their youngest children are ready to learn and thrive when they begin school.
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