Letters to the Editor
2 months ago
Vote for Davis
I write to encourage your readers to support Paul Davis in the July 14 primary to be the Republican candidate for the Maine Senate for Piscataquis County. When you think about qualities we want in our elected leaders -- integrity, experience, prudence, maturity and pragmatism -- there is no other candidate in this race who can bring those to Augusta on our behalf. Davis’ knowledge of the state’s operations and governance have served us well in his daily work on behalf of his constituents, our neighbors.
2 months ago
Reelect Sen. Davis  
My purpose in writing today is simply to give my whole hearted support to Sen. Paul Davis’ re-election.  Having previously served in the Senate seat that Paul now holds I know how important Paul’s  personal qualities and leadership style are to his constituents.  Paul is a man of great integrity and honesty who has strived mightily and with great success to represent the people of his district without regard to political affiliation or other demographic.
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