4 weeks ago
Red Flag White Flag surrender
Once again the people of this Republic have been challenged by a great crisis in our midst and, once again, politicians are doing everything in their power to do everything but address the crisis with a solution. For politicians, in keeping with the teachings of Rahm Emmanuel, a crisis, however great or small, is an opportunity for advancement of agenda not solutions. For leaders of this ilk, our society of today is rife with opportunity for advancement of leftists ideals.
4 weeks ago
Saying goodbye
Wouldn’t it be nice if the Maine legislature could get along in order to get things done in Augusta? Well, you may think it’s not possible, but I would argue that here in Maine we have a unique chance to make that happen. In fact, I believe we are at a significant turning point in American politics, and Maine could lead the way. Unfortunately, we have to overcome persisting resistance from those who don’t want to give up their power or control over the Maine legislature. But on June 12 we have the chance to finally put these career politicians in their rightful place, out of office.
1 month ago
Downhill politics practiced too often in Augusta
Yes, there were frustrations, but on balance, I really enjoyed my 10 years (1989-2000) working as “communications guy” with Republican legislators in the Maine House and Senate. What a great way to learn about the making of state law and how government works. Hired solely on my communication credentials, I came into the State House a clean slate. Never having worked in government or politics, I arrived without prejudice or expectations.
1 month ago
Protect ranked-choice voting
Why are Maine Republicans so adamantly opposed to ranked-choice voting? There are four Republican gubernatorial candidates on the June primary ballot. Hypothetically, if the first choice votes resulted in a 26 percent, 25 percent, 25 percent and 24 percent apportionment, and ranked-choice voting was not in place, the candidate with 26 percent of the vote would be declared the winner for receiving the most votes (a plurality). That would mean that 74 percent of voters did not favor this candidate.
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