Friends of Dover-Foxcroft

To the Editor;

Recently, I have come to the realization that any organized efforts to save the Mayo Mill Dam crafted from my Facebook created group are too little too late. There is no time to organize any serious effort with a few months left before a vote on this issue.

Despite major public outcry at two public hearings, there has been no additional effort to address the board or attend town meetings at any level outside of any major bipartisan issues. There can’t be a serious effort without “effort”! Many individuals have put in their own time to save the dam and we will continue to support them. This is now a voter turnout and outreach effort. People built the dam and people will decide its fate. 

There are far more things surrounding this issue that need to be addressed long term and for that, I have decided to evolve my group’s focus beyond just the dam effort. The former group will now be known as the Friends of Dover-Foxcroft. This will be a bi-partisan advocacy group focused on outreach and informing the public on upcoming or current issues around town which also involves the politics of Dover-Foxcroft. 

Being a friend of the town is no longer just about donating time and money to local non profits or leading school or town functions. These are very commendable actions but not the only way to commit to the welfare of the town and its people. People who advocate, go to town meetings, run for office and do research to address issues that affect taxpayers are also a friend to the town. 

Some people will say it won’t work due to politics being involved. I say it will because it is bi-partisan and we will lead! I created a method to organize an effort to save the Mayo Mill dam which earned some local media recognition. I chose to lead!

You show leadership and people will follow. Much of this is social media driven but involves citizen effort outside of it to spread the word. This is a long-term advocacy and outreach effort. It is up to the members if they want to organize any efforts for various issues with a committee or other structure. Dover-Foxcroft needs a long-term concerned citizens group with a name and faces to represent people who feel they do not have a voice in their town governance. People need a group that can get ahead of the major issues and motivate people to step up to help.

I invite anyone to join the Friends of Dover-Foxcroft today and get involved with all aspects of advocacy for the taxpayer and important issues to you in town. We are all Friends of Dover-Foxcroft! God bless Dover-Foxcroft!

Sean Hadley

Friends of Dover-Foxcroft 


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