The inexcusable circus in Washington

To the Editor;

In the circus in D.C. that we call the U.S. government, we can often find some amusing, as well as confusing, activities. Occasionally, we are confronted with more sad and unfortunate ones, such as what we now encounter with an impending government shutdown. Instead of meeting this crisis head on last week, our Senate decided it was more important to discuss their dress code, and then go home for the weekend, leaving another sword of Damocles dangling over the citizens’ heads.

The senators seem to forget that, in a government supposedly of, for and by the people, they are hired by (voted in) and paid by us. Keeping that in mind, there is no excuse or reason that the government should be allowed to shut down. Ever. Not for any political purpose, from either side of the spectrum. 

The immediate effects of this shutdown would be among our most vulnerable citizens: the elderly, the disabled, the poor and veterans, all those who can endure this the least. It also makes the U.S. look weak and vulnerable to other nations around the world because we can’t even keep our own house in order. 

All this would hurt our military preparedness. It would be bad for the nation economically, which is taking enough other hits lately. There is simply no upside to letting this occur, no positive effect whatsoever. It is inexcusable that our leaders bring us to this brink periodically, realizing that responsible actions, instead of political nitpickings, can prevent this from occurring.

David Mahoney


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