Tax people less so they can spend more on their health

To the Editor;

Reading the BDN and watching Maine deal with health challenges, I have become disturbed with the government’s illusion to assist with Maine’s health.

Public health departments receive our tax dollars and proceed to believe that they are improving the health of Mainers. My job involves working at numerous homes in Maine. What I’ve seen is that on the hottest, sunny days in October and November virtually everyone is inside their homes watching TV or on the internet.   

I’ve been in Quebec for the past four years, and far more people are active outside. I see elders who are in as good condition as a 30-year-old Mainer. It’s a total opposite and a lifestyle to appreciate. 

In essence, all the taxpayer-funded government entities cannot get a Mainer off the couch and living a healthy lifestyle. Try cutting government size and spending.  

Cut and eliminate our large amount of taxes. Let us spend money on good food, which is expensive. It’s stressful and depressing how expensive Maine has become. This stress leads to poor behaviors. Let us Mainers live our lives and spend more of our money where we wish.

Christian Mcginn 


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