Response to Crafts

To the Editor;

Dale Crafts’ recent OpEd “Public option will make health care system worse” is a study in sophistry. He presents a public option he can imagine might make things worse. Anyone could imagine such an outcome; such an argument is at best specious and at worst deliberately misleading.

In fact, virtually every industrialized nation in the world has a health care system that costs less and produces better outcomes than the system we have in the U.S. Just throw a dart at a map of Europe; wherever it lands, you can be fairly certain that their system is better than ours in cost, outcomes and equity. The notion that a public option will of necessity be worse is demonstrably and irrefutably nonsense; there are dozens of counter-examples throughout the world where a public option has been proven to be better for decades.

Don’t let foolish arguments stand in the way of better health care for all.

Philip Pinto

Roque Bluffs

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