Candidate forum on E-W highway and energy Oct. 23 at Center Theatre

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    DOVER-FOXCROFT — A candidates’ forum focused on the East-West Highway/Corridor and energy issues will be held on Thursday, Oct. 23 at 6 p.m. at Center Theatre in Dover-Foxcroft.
    The event starts with a 5 p.m. reception, followed by an informational block and questions and comments from the gubernatorial, U.S. Senate, Congressional and state legislative candidates.

    The press release on the event noted that Piscataquis County is “predominantly Republican, with discouraged/underrepresented Republicans seeking leadership on the E/W Corridor issue.”
    Gov. Paul LePage, Eliot Cutler and Sen. Susan Collins said they were unable to attend, but U.S. Rep. Mike Michaud, the Democratic candidate for governor, will be at the event.
    Some candidates will provide written responses to the six constituent questions submitted by organizers:
    1.) Do you perceive the proposed E/W Corridor as beneficial or detrimental to our region’s and our state’s economic development, agriculture, and natural resources? Please explain how.
    2.) Please explain how this proposed project would be taxed, as a private entity and as a public private partnership, as an entire commercial unit or otherwise, and how would those taxes directly benefit the impacted communities along the project’s route and benefit the entire state?
    3.) If a mega industrial project such as the E/W Corridor were to commence and operate in Maine, particularly our region, what mitigation of equivalent measure would you endorse, such as the North Woods National Park, state parks, and/or local environmental interests?
    4.) As the Alaskan citizens have their Permanent Fund Dividend, entitling them to have a percentage of the profits from the oil pipeline that runs through their state, what measure would you take to ensure that Maine people get the maximum benefits from this or any future mega-project considering that the terms will most likely demand perpetuity?
    5.) If the proposed E/W Corridor becomes a reality, as a Maine public servant, how will you ensure that the communities/towns/counties/unorganized territories along the route have a say in its location, impact, and benefits to those communities?
    6.) Do you believe the Natural Gas Permitting Reform Act (HR1900) and the North American Energy Infrastructure Act (HR3301) will expedite the proposed E/W Corridor here in Maine?
    More information about the proposed highway is posted at

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