Readers weigh in on election issues

Sheriff Goggin
is most qualified
To the Editor;
    I am writing in support of Sheriff John Goggin in his quest for another term as sheriff of Piscataquis County.
    Most of my 20 years as County Commissioner (1985-2005) were during Sheriff Goggin’s time in office. I chaired the Commission for 18 of those 20 years, which involved frequent contact with the Sheriff’s Department and Sheriff Goggin. I found him to be a man of integrity, honesty and loyal in all aspects of county work and his relationship with other county departments was very professional. He had the respect of other county departments as well as the Sheriff’s Department.
    Sheriff Goggin has had many years of experience and, with the continued support of an experienced staff, he certainly is the best and most qualified candidate for the sheriff of Piscataquis County.

    The economy of Piscataquis County does not allow the spending patterns found in other Maine counties, especially those in coastal and southern parts of the state.
    Sheriff Goggin has successfully run a department that is responsible for a very large area, Piscataquis County being the second largest county in the state.
    As a former commissioner, I never believed it was necessary to micro-manage his department since Sheriff Goggin and his staff always lived within the confines of their budget. Providing law enforcement in the unorganized townships along with the county as a whole, requires thorough planning and scheduling. Sheriff Goggin has completed this work for the past 24 years in a very successful and professional manner.
    I support Sheriff John Goggin without reservation for another term as Piscataquis County Sheriff.
Eben DeWitt


Local people have best development ideas
To the Editor;
    The proponents who stand to profit from the proposed private East/West Corridor have stated publicly that if people living in this part of Maine have a better idea for the well-being and economic development of the ‘heart’ of Maine, they should state it.
    Current evidence shows local inhabitants are doing so: if you enter Dover-Foxcroft from the south, you will note the re-furbishing of the Moosehead furniture mill in the center of downtown.
    It is to be a multi-use development including restaurant, small hotel, office space and private living units.
    Local people have already signed contracts for apartments which will allow access to local services in a small town environment.
    This is a re-development which will offer local jobs for many years to come and will enhance the lives of local residents as well as tourists seeking the pleasures of a first class outdoor environment with nearby Sebec Lake and Peaks Kenny state park.
    Another locally based, economic strength of our area lies in the ever-growing interest in farming sustained by families determined to grow and sell local produce in a sustainable environment. Key to supporting our local development and endeavors is protection of our state’s fresh water sources — they make us the envy of many who come here as tourists from other parts of the country and the world.
    The East/West Corridor project would result in a long-term detriment, not a long-term solution, to the economic well-being of central Maine.
Jamie Gaudion


Chief Dyer places
priority on safety
To the Editor;
    I have lived in the Dover-Foxcroft community for the past five years and have greatly appreciated everything Chief (Dennis) Dyer has done for the students in our community.
    From Day One, it was clear to me that Chief Dyer deeply cared for and supported the students of Foxcroft Academy.
    He has a special knack for conveying crucial messages that adolescents may not necessarily want to hear, but he always does so in a manner that makes students feel both comfortable and respected.
    He makes all attempts to be proactive to prevent our young people from making bad choices. He ensures that school officials are in the know in times of crisis or in times of a potential threat.
    I am grateful for the job that Chief Dyer does for our community and the priority that he places on keeping our students healthy and safe.
Arnold Shorey


Goggin’s abilities
To the Editor;
    The Administrative Unit of the Piscataquis County Sheriff’s Office strongly endorses Sheriff John Goggin for re-election.
    The office of sheriff is significantly different from that of police chief.
    While sheriffs carry out patrol and criminal investigations, they also manage jails, civil process, prisoner transport, a countywide communications system and other constitutional duties that police chiefs never experience.
    For over 24 years, Sheriff Goggin has demonstrated decisive leadership in meeting the ever-changing world of responsibilities that a sheriff carries.
    He has managed a jail that consistently receives high grading from both state and federal inspectors, has functioned successfully within the given county budgets, has been innovative in bringing new programs that help various segments of our county’s people and has done so with integrity, compassion and fairness.
    He has proven his ability to continue guiding this ship over the next four years.
Robert Young
Chief Deputy

David Harmon
Jail Administrator

David Roberts
Communications Director

James Kane
Investigations Lieutenant

Anita Pushor
Administrative Assistant

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