Electronic monitors for offenders will save lives

To the Editor;
    Advocates of the Maine Constitution should note that the primary responsibility of government is public safety, the safety of our fellow citizens. Domestic violence homicides account for fifty percent of all murders in Maine.
    Solon, the Athenian statesman and lawmaker of ancient Greece is attributed as saying, “Justice will only be served when those who are not injured by crime feel indignant as those who are.”

    When a community decides that it will not tolerate certain behaviors it has usually been motivated by the actions of those who have been most affected.
    I hope that we can all recognize and commend Kelly Gay, Ralph and Linda Bagley, their families and friends, who turned their anguish into action, in the relentless pursuit of utilizing electronic proximity devices to contain high risk domestic violence perpetrators, and warn abuse victims.
    Thanks to their efforts and the wisdom of our Somerset County District Attorney, Maeghan Maloney, Chief Deputy Dale Lancaster and the Somerset County Domestic Violence Task Force, the use of electronic proximity monitoring devices will provide the earliest possible warning of a potentially deadly encounter with a determined abuser, who has been identified by the Court to be a high risk.
    Lives will be saved.
Art Jette

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