DDATT ‘re-skilling’ meeting Sept. 5

    DEXTER — The next first Friday of the month public meeting sponsored by Dexter-Dover Area Towns in Transition (DDATT) will be at 7 p.m. on Sept. 5 at the Abbott Memorial Library in Dexter.
    It will be a planning session for a future “re-skilling”workshop or fair.

    Re-skilling is a Transition Towns term which refers to the many basic skills that our grandparents took for granted, and which most people today no longer possess.
    As part of continuing efforts to promote sustainable communities in an ever-changing world, DDATT intends to continue sponsoring training from those who still retain the knowledge and experience in a wide range of these skills.
    These include everything from beekeeping and berry-raising to knowing how to use hand tools of various kinds for a wide range of jobs and activities to learning how to plan gardens, building projects (both large and small), and many other things that our grandparents thought were normal activities.
    A re-skilling event will draw on local skills from local people as well as bring people of different backgrounds together for a relaxing and fun experience learning these “new” skills. It will lead to community networks and foster a “can do” attitude among its participants, many who probably haven’t thought about doing such things before. It might possibly also lead to a community project at which these newly acquired skills could be put into practice in a useful way that would benefit the community.
    DDATT encourages individuals with specific skills who would like to teach them to others to come to the Friday, Sept. 5 meeting and help plan how to support such training at one or more re-skilling events.
    Call 924-3836 or 277-4221 for more information.

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