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School bus safety tips

    1. Obey the bus driver.
    2. Remain in your seat while the bus is moving.
    3. Be ready for the bus.

    4. Never run to or from the bus.
    5. Wait for the driver’s signal to cross the road.
    6. If you drop something near the bus, leave it and tell an adult.
    7. Do not distract the bus driver.
    8. Keep your head and hands inside the bus at all times.
    9. Be respectful to your driver and the other students on the bus.
    10. Be alert to traffic while waiting for the bus and when you exit the bus.
    11. Keep aisles clear at all times.
    12. Always make eye contact with the driver before crossing the road and cross at least 10 feet in front of the bus.
    13. Never crawl under a bus for any reason.
    14. Keep your voices low while on the bus.

    Did you know?
    1. It is illegal to pass a stopped school bus with its red lights flashing, even in parking lots and school grounds. The fine is $311 and may include loss of license for a specific time.
    2. Seats in a school bus are designed to protect your student during a crash, but only when they are sitting down and facing forward.
    3. More students are killed outside the school bus than while riding inside the bus.
    4. There is a 10-foot danger zone around the entire school bus.
    5. School bus rules apply even on sports and field trips.
    6. Nationally there are 450,000 school buses traveling 6 billion miles, transporting 25 million students.
    7. Rules on a school bus are designed to maintain discipline and safety. Distracting the driver can be very dangerous to students on the bus as well as other motorists.

Provided by
Rowell’s Garage, Inc.

    It is very important for parents/guardians to keep contact information up to date with the schools and Rowell’s School Bus Service (for those in RSU 68 and Foxcroft Academy) in case of an emergency.
    If an issue should arise concerning your child and the bus, please contact the school bus driver as soon as possible. Being as proactive as possible will keep any frustration to a minimum.
    School bus drivers do their very best to be at bus stops at a regular time, however the buses cannot be exact due to a variety of reasons. It is always wise to be ready early for the bus.
    The yellow schools buses are required to meet more Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards than any other type of motor vehicle. They are the safest vehicles on the road for your child to be in.

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