Court News & Dispatch Log

Piscataquis County Emergency Services Dispatch Log

Monday, July 15
13-04570 Caller hit deer, Rt. 15 and Fletcher Road. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04572 Auto accident, Belmont St. Milo.
13-04576 Overturned canoe with two people in the water, Greenville.
13-04577 Erratic driver of pickup reported, Rt. 15. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04578 Non-emergency 911 call, town testing new phone. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04580 Theft of two-axle trailer. Bowerbank.
13-04583 Caller reports Chevy pickup in breakdown lane headed to Dover. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04584 Tree down on phone wires, Lyford Rd. Orneville.

Tuesday, July 16
13-04601 Caller picked up two people hitchhiking who drove car into ditch. Abbot.
13-04602 Officer escort requested for female to get belongings. Milo.
13-04603 Road shoulder washed out on both sides, Blanchard Rd. Shirley.
13-04604 Female came into home, woke up son and told them refrigerator was hers. Monson.
13-04606 Warrant arrest subject took off, Skowhegan probation advised of situation. Sangerville.
13-04607 Request to speak with officer regarding sister’s home. Milo.
13-04608 Caller reports a lot of smoke coming out of chimney. Abbot.
13-04609 Requesting complaint number for arrest violation. Guilford.
13-04612 Harassing phone calls from ex-wife reported. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04613 Keys locked in vehicle. Kokadjo.
13-04616 Caller reports harassing messages and slander via Facebook. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04617 Requesting Greenville assist for keys locked in vehicle. Greenville.
13-04618 Flare-up of previous burn reported. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04619 Well-being check requested, caller received picture message of Hallowell friend who was beat up, transfer to Kennebec. Guilford.
13-04620 Wild animal complaint, nuisance skunk, West Main St. Milo.
Wednesday, July 17
13-04621 Smoke detector going off. Sangerville.
13-04623 Suspicious vehicle reported, Piper Pond Rd. Abbot.
13-04625 Possible residential burglary. Monson.
13-04627 Agency assist requested by DHHS. Sangerville.
13-04628 Protection order served. Guilford.
13-04629 Two vehicle accident on Rt. 16. Sebec.
13-04630 Domestic situation reported. Milo.
13-04631 Request to speak with officer, child claiming trouble with babysitter. Orneville.
13-04633 Assault of female by neighbors reported. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04635 Dog reported in a vehicle in parking lot. Greenville.
13-04637 Subjects on Great Moose Pond causing trouble. Harmony.
13-04638 Missing boy located by parents. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04641 Well-being check requested for male subject outdoors reported feeling dehydrated. Rockwood.
13-04642 Report of neighbors bothering renters. Beaver Cove.
13-04644 Request complaint number for serving subpoena. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04645 Dow reported in vehicle in parking lot. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04646 Possible drunk driver of blue Dodge. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04647 Animal complaint, barking dog on back porch. Brownville.
13-04648 Loud music reported. Guilford.
13-04650 Flare-up of previous burn reported. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04651 Unregistered ATV on roadway. Sebec.
13-04652 Tree down on Piper Pond Rd. Abbot.
13-04653 Car/moose accident, unknown damages, Bowerbank Rd. Bowerbank.
13-04654 Tree touching transformer, causing arcing. Milo.
13-04655 Complaint number requested for violation of bail. Greenville.
13-04656 Tree down on Essex St. at fork in road. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04657 Car horn going off. Greenville.
Thursday, July 18
13-04658 Domestic situation, caller harassed by spouse. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04659 Domestic assault, frantic female subject screaming for help, husband out of control. Sangerville.
13-04660 Line is making contact with tree and sparking, also fire. Abbot.
13-04662 Two vehicle accident in parking area. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04668 Camp break-in. Sangerville.
13-04669 Harassment reported. Guilford.
13-04670 Elevator emergency alarm reported. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04672 Trespass, unauthorized people on property. Milo.
Friday, July 19
13-04673 Caller was assaulted by girlfriend who cut arm while smashing windows out of his car. Willimantic.
13-04676 Suspicious person reported circling building, waiting for inmate to be released. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04679 Caller reports ex is calling in violation of protection order. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04680 Lights reported not working, right Monument Square. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04681 Residential fire alarm reported. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04682 Dog reported in vehicle at business. Milo.
13-04683 Request to speak with officer regarding subjects that may be a problem. Greenville.
13-04685 Disturbance, assaultive patron. Milo.
13-04686 Erratic driver of white vehicle, all over roadway on Rt. 15. Charleston.
13-04687 Power lines across roadway, Lily Bay Rd. Greenville.
13-04689 Tree fell on car through driver’s side of windshield, no injury. Ebeemee.
13-04691 Motion alarm reported at business. Guilford.
13-04693 Erratic driver, red Dodge pickup with trailer, Route 16. Millinocket.
13-04694 Tree down on wires, Larrabee Farm Rd. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04695 Tree down on wires, Smith Hill Rd. Wellington.
13-04696 Injured owl reported, Stagecoach Rd. Atkinson.
13-04697 Reporting 16 year-old female ran away after altercation. Abbot.
13-04699 Harassment by phone reported. Milo.
Saturday, July 20
13-04700 Motion alarm at business. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04704 Male subject passed out on the ground near his vehicle. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04705 Suspicious male subject walking in roadway, Rt. 7. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04706 Two bear hounds showed up on caller’s porch and won’t leave. Orneville.
13-04707 Vehicle went off road and hit a tree, driver seems OK. Medford.
13-04709 Intrusion alarm reported. Guilford.
13-04711 Tree down in Squaw Brook campsite. Big Moose Twp.
13-04712 Request to speak with officer regarding landlord. Brownville.
13-04714 Suspicious activity, report of female get out of car at stop sign and throw bag into grass. Guilford.
13-04715 Business intrusion alarm, cancelled. Sangerville.
13-04718 Erratic driver, blue Ford driving too fast, Rt. 15. Abbot.
13-04722 Young male subject reported driving farm equipment way too fast up and down roadway. Sangerville.
13-04724 Report of assault by female subject, other party also wants to meet with deputy. Sangerville.
13-04725 Caller reports family member came to home and assaulted male subject. Sangerville.
13-04726 Erratic driver of 4-runner driving way over speed limit, Route 7. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04727 Requesting complaint number for drug information. Orneville.
13-04728 Erratic driver, car all over roadway, Rt. 150. Guilford.
13-04729 Reports male subject came and assaulted kids, she was not there at time. Orneville.
13-04731 Home intrusion alarm. Greenville.
13-04732 Little white dog in car with windows rolled up, business parking lot. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04733 Erratic driver, 10-53 drive off from Greeley’s Landing Beach. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04734 Ex-girlfriend is harassing him. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04736 Well-being check requested on intoxicated male. Monson.
13-04737 Request to speak with warden about ongoing ATV problem. Parkman.
13-04738 Fireworks complaint, four loud explosions reported. Milo.
13-04739 Car-deer accident, deer is dead, over $1,000 damage on Milo Rd. Sebec.
13-04741 Caller heard single shot, possible hunting. Blanchard.
13-04742 Erratic driver, vehicle all over roadway, Rt 15. Abbot.
13-04743 Suspicious activity, someone knocking on windows. Milo.
13-04746 Arrest of subject. Shirley.
Sunday, July 21
13-04749 Traffic stop, operating with expired license. Guilford.
13-04750 Suspicious activity reported involving a Jeep. Milo.
13-04751 Suspicious activity, people banging on windows again. Milo.
13-04752 Dead deer reported in middle of Bangor Rd. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04753 Dexter assist requested, Dover Rd. Dexter.
13-04754 Home intrusion alarm. Harfords Point Twp.
13-04755 Female wearing black staggering down middle of roadway. Sangerville.
13-04756 Suspicious vehicle reported parked in woods behind neighbor’s house. Milo.
13-04758 Intrusion alarm at business, no key holder. Guilford.
13-04762 One of 4 year-old twin boys reported missing while walking with father, located. Lakeview.
13-04766 International Emergency Response reports injured hiker on Appalachian Trail, C. A. Dean Hospital standing by. Bowdoin College Grant East.
13-04768 Erratic driver heading into Dover, Rt. 16. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04769 Camp broken into and ATV ramp stolen. Wellington.
13-04770 Small white car reported driving very fast, Main Rd. Milo.
13-04773 Domestic assault, witnessed female assaulting male. Brownville.
13-04774 Theft of son’s items reported. Milo.
13-04775 Reporting ongoing problem with ex, harassing phone calls. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04776 Dirtbike racing up and down roadway. Milo.
13-04777 Boyfriend threatening daughter in other county. Out of county.
13-04779 Sickly dog reported. Greenville.
13-04781 Requesting complaint number for subject who refused chemical test. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04782 Two overdue hikers at Gulf Hagas. Katahdin Iron Works.
13-04783 Threatening reported. Milo.
13-04784 Harassment reported. Sangerville.
13-04785 Fireworks complaint, caller believes people are shooting off illegal fireworks. Milo.

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