Dailey grabs fourth Slate Man trophy at Monson Summerfest

By Mike Lange
Staff Writer

    MONSON — You have to be in pretty decent physical shape to run two miles, kayak one mile across a lake and then ride a bicycle another three miles to the finish line.
    So imagine doing it in less than 30 minutes and winning the event four times. That’s what Jack Dailey of Salt Lake City, Utah accomplished Saturday at the Monson Summerfest, an annual event that showcases athletic ability as well as plenty of down home, community spirit.

SP-MonsonFest2-DC-PO-30 Observer photo/Mike Lange

    KAYAK KING — Eventual triathlon winner Jack Dailey of Salt Lake City brings his kayak to shore on the second leg of the event.

    While Dailey’s time of 27 minutes, 42 seconds didn’t beat last year’s record-setting mark of 26:50, he was pleased with his time.
    “This is a real fun event for me,” Dailey said. “We’ve been spending summers up here for a while, and now I’ll be going to Bates College this fall. They’ve got an excellent distance running program.”
    Dailey also ran track and cross country at his high school in Utah, and used the Lake Hebron Slate Man Triathlon as a tune up for the fall season.
    The top women’s competitor was Trisha Moulton of Abbot with a time of 36:24; and the team of Buck and Two Does — Mary McCauley, Kate Farnham and Rebecca Farnham — captured the team trophy with a time of 29:41.

SP-MonsonFest3-DC-PO-30 Observer photo/Mike Lange

    TRIATHLON WINNERS — From left, women’s division winner Trish Moulton, Abbot; team winner “Buck and Two Does” Mary McCauley and Kate Farnham, both of Monson, and Rebecca Farnham, Bath; and men’s division winner, Jack Dailey, Salt Lake City.

    So how did they come up with the name? “My nickname is Buck,” said Rebecca Farnham, “and we have a camp on Doe Pond. This has been a lot of fun for us.”
    Summerfest volunteer and triathlon starter John Wentworth said that the turnout “gets better every year. People who are serious about it will show up, regardless of the weather. The lake was nice and calm today, so that made the kayak run easier.”
    Wentworth also thanked Tom Adkins, who volunteers to patrol the kayak route every year. “He’s been a huge help to us,” Wentworth said.

SP-MonsonFest7-DC-PO-30Observer photo/Mike Lange

    RUNNER UP — The Lake Monster crew were, from left, front row: Emily Kallis, Cady Cole and Ann Kallis. Back row: Grace Jackson, Sarah Kallis, Jack Cole and Sam Cole. They also won the Most Comical award.

    There were only three entries for the “Anything That Floats” race this year, probably due to the forecast for thunderstorms which fortunately never materialized. Still, the unique race drew a huge crowd of onlookers at the Lake Hebron town boat launch and Lakeshore House beach across the lake.
    The overall winner was 9-year-old Ben Martin of Monson, who piloted his “Swamp People” wooden boat solo across the lake, beating the “Golden Girls” and “Lake Monster.”

SP-MonsonFest8-DC-PO-30Observer photo/Mike Lange

    THIRD PLACE — The Golden Girls, from left, Ashley Spencer, Olivia Hoovler and Susan Hoovler, also won the Most Creative Ribbon during the Anything That Floats Race in Moson.

    The runner-up craft was built by Susan Hoovler; her granddaughter, Olivia Hoovler and Ashley Spencer. They also won the Most Creative award. “I’m actually the only real ‘golden girl,’” Susan Hoovler said with a laugh, “so we used gold foil to cover the deck.”
    Two North Carolina families of summer residents created the “Lake Monster” that held seven people – at least for a little while. The craft, made with dozens of plastic jugs on a wooden frame, started to sink about halfway across the course. But one of the boys jumped in, and kick-started the “Monster” to the finish line.

SP-MonsonFest4-DC-PO-30Observer photo/Mike Lange

    ATTENTION-GETTER — Race starter John Wentworth brought out some fancy headgear for Anything That Floats race during Monson Summerfest activities held over the weekend.

    The crew consisted of Emily Kallis, Cady Cole, Ann Kallis, Grace Jackson, Sarah Kallis, Jack Cole and Sam Cole. As anticipated, “Lake Monster” was also named the Most Comical entry.

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