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   DOVER-FOXCROFT — Widdershins located at 843 Bear Hill Road, has been a part of the Maine Highlands Farmers organization for four years. Owned and operated by Chris and Wendy Russell since 2001, the farm mission is to provide quality natural and humanely raised animals and animal products to local people who are interested in eating and living better.

ed-sheep-dcX-po-30Photos courtesy of Widdershins

WIDDERSHINS — Katahdin sheep and cows are among the animals raised at Widdershins on the Bear Hill Road in Dover-Foxcroft. The Maine Highlands Farmers member farm, owned and operated by Chris and Wendy Russell for over a decade, aims to provide quality natural and humanely raised animals and animal products to those interested in eating and living better.

   Widdershins offers 100 percent grass-fed frozen beef cuts, raw goat and cow milk and free range chicken eggs through its farm store, which is open on Sundays from noon to 4 p.m. or by appointment. Pastured pork cuts and lamb will be available in the store by 2014. People interested in purchasing sides of beef, pork or lamb can pre-order custom raised animals for 2014.
   The Russell’s rotationally graze their animals through local pastures, a sustainable land practice which improves the land while keeping their carbon footprint small. It also is a natural, non-confinement method of raising healthy animals.

Photos courtesy of Widdershins

GOAT KIDS — Lambs and piglets (and occasionally adult animals) are also available.

   The farm’s 100 percent grass-fed beef animals never receive grain. The meat is hormone and antibiotic free and high in lineanic acid and Omega 3 and 6, making it a healthier and more eco-friendly product than feedlot raised beef. Most of Widdershins’ beef is produced from the farm’s growing herd of rare Devon cattle, a heritage breed that excels in producing choice beef on grass and hay alone. Jersey cows, Jersey Devon crosses and Nigerian Dwarf goats (noteworthy for their very high butterfat content milk) make up the farm’s small milking herd.
   The farm’s Katahdin sheep, are a hair-sheep breed developed in Abbot. Katahdins have a mild flavored meat and are good brush clearers like goats. They and the farm’s large black hogs (a heritage grazing breed of hog that produces excellent marbled pork) round out the farm’s diverse grazing and land reclaiming program.
   The Russells can be reached at 564-7926 or through their website at www.widdershins-fm.com.

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