Court News & Dispatch Log

Piscataquis County Emergency Services Dispatch Log

Saturday, July 6
13-04376 Auto accident, car hit the ditch. Brownville.
Sunday, July 7
13-04385 Anonymous tip reporting possible drunk driver. Town not listed.
13-04386 Loud party, possible drunk drivers of ATVs. Bowerbank.

13-04387 Drunken pedestrian, female subject stumbling down roadway. Greenville.
13-04389 Requesting officer to diffuse domestic situation. Milo.
13-04390 Caller would like intoxicated relative removed from property. Sangerville.
13-04393 Domestic assault reported. Sangerville.
13-04394 Dead deer on side of N. Dexter Road, has been there a couple of days. Parkman.
13-04396 Tree down across roadway, Church Street. Brownville.
13-04397 Home intrusion alarm activated. Greenville.
13-04398 Dirt bike riding up and down roadway. Milo.
13-04400 Dog has been missing for two days, six-month old Golden Retriever with pink collar. Willimantic.
13-04401 Caller reports boat hit a rock in East Cove and lost outdrive, is drifting away from shore. Greenville.
13-04403 Reporting an adult loon in distress, Center Pond. Sangerville.
13-04404 Suspicious activity, male subject may operate motorized vehicle under the influence. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04405 Subject arrested. Guilford.
13-04406 Erratic driver reported driving black SUV, Route 15. Guilford.
13-04408 Assist requested, locked out of apartment. Milo.
13-04414 Driving complaint against two tanker trucks traveling together, Route 15. Monson.
13-04416 Car/moose accident, no injuries, moose wandered off. Big Moose Twp.
Monday, July 8
13-04427 Driving complaint, Rt. 15. Abbot.
13-04428 Report of speeding vehicle, Rt. 16. Sebec.
13-04430 Report of homeless person on park bench. Sangerville.
13-04431 Theft of two cell phones reported while subjects were at friend’s house. Monson.
13-04432 Juvenile runaway, 15 year-old male subject has fled the house, requesting assistance in search. Milo.
13-04433 Caller states dirt bike is on fire and full of gas, possibly could explode, requesting fire department assistance. Milo.
13-04434 Caller reports being stalked by white van. Milo.
13-04436 Loud music, band practice reported. Milo.
Tuesday, July 9
13-04438 Power outage, blown transformer, Milo Rd. Sebec.
13-04440 Domestic situation, mother/daughter dispute, cars involved in accident. Wellington.
13-04443 Drunk pedestrian reported, female subject causing trouble. Milo.
13-04445 Report of a stolen item. Guilford.
13-04447 Harassment reported. Abbot.
13-04448 Stray dog, High Street. Brownville.
13-04449 ATVs and dirt bikes riding up and down roadway, McPheters Rd. Sangerville.
13-04450 Caller states ATV is racing up and down road with loud exhaust, Mill St. Sangerville.
13-04453 ATV driving on roadway, School St. Sangerville.
13-04454 Group of people, including minors, drinking at beach. Sangerville.
13-04456 Suspicious person/vehicle, three youths in camp escaping in pickup. Milo.
13-04457 ATV/dirt bike reported going up and down roadway. Guilford.
13-04458 Loud music reported, caller unable to sleep. Dover-Foxcroft.
Wednesday, July 10
13-04460 Car vandalized with large rock. Sangerville.
13-04461 Business reports doing fire drill. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04462 Suspicious person, male subject knocked at door at 10 p.m., took off when husband answered. Wellington.
13-04463 Moose reported hanging around business. Guilford.
13-04464 Stray dog, Husky running loose. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04465 Subject reports hitting a deer, Greeleys Landing Rd. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04466 Person fishing on Breakneck Ridge found duffel and backpack, no one around. Blanchard.
13-04468 Subject arrested on warrant. Town not listed.
13-04470 Theft of two saws reported. Guilford.
13-04471 Request to speak with deputy regarding person calling friends. Shirley.
13-04474 Service of harassment paperwork. Orneville.
13-04476 Dirt bike and three-wheeler operating on roadway, School St. Sangerville.
13-04478 Fire alarm activated. Monson.
13-04479 Theft of Corgie/Terrier dog reported, Greenville Rd. Monson.
Thursday, July 11
13-04482 Penobscot reports pickup rollover, from Millinocket PD 30 miles in on Golden Rd. T1 R9.
13-04483 Intrusion alarm at business, cancelled one minute later. Brownville.
13-04491 Harassment reported. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04492 Camp reported broken into. Wellington.
13-04494 Burglary, realtor came to show a house and found subject inside, possibly stealing pipes and had Jeep parked in garage. Parkman.
13-04495 Missing person, caller reports baby has been taken. Abbot.
13-04496 Caller reports his medications were stolen. Guilford.
13-04499 Reporting theft of strawberries. Corinth.
13-04500 Theft reported at a business. Abbot.
13-04501 Caller is stuck on a woods road with small children in vehicle, does not know location. Somerset.
13-04503 Domestic situation, reporting 14 year-old son very violent. Brownville.
13-04504 Theft of medication and cash reported. Sangerville.
13-04505 Arrest of subject. Guilford.
13-04506 Police information, reporting subject has a warrant. Brownville.
13-04508 Domestic situation, loud altercation between male and female. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04510 Request to speak with officer regarding police information. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04511 Home intrusion alarm activated, cancelled. Lakeview.
13-04513 Harassing phone calls. Dover-Foxcroft.
Friday, July 12
13-04514 Vandalism, broken window to window of building. Sangerville.
13-04515 Investigation regarding 13 month-old ingesting illegal drugs. Greenville.
13-04516 Well being check on child. Moosehead Jct. Twp.
13-04517 Two vehicle accident reported. Abbot.
13-04518 Domestic situation, disturbance between two subjects. Milo.
13-04519 Suspicious vehicle reported. Guilford.
13-04520 Well being check requested, caller concerned for friend. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04521 Protection order served. Guilford.
13-04522 Theft, caller left yard sale unattended and found items missing. Guilford.
13-04523 Request to speak with officer about kids hanging out at abandoned house. Brownville.
13-04524 Well being check requested for children. Milo.
13-04525 Caller reports being in fight with boyfriend and fled on foot, requests to speak with officer. Dover-Foxcroft.
Saturday, July 13
13-04526 Request to speak with officer about possible trouble in apartment building. Brownville.
13-04527 Request to speak with officer regarding caller’s son. Guilford.
13-04528 Intrusion alarm, cancelled. Guilford.
13-04529 Suspicious activity reported, subjects bothering a house. Sebec.
13-04530 Intoxicated subjects reported. Guilford.
13-04531 Caller reports a campfire that is spreading. Ebeemee.
13-04532 Police information on stolen items. Sebec.
13-04535 Residential intrusion alarm reported. Parkman.
13-04537 Call states she was threatened, by cell phone, with shotgun. Milo.
13-04540 Residential intrusion alarm. Greenville.
13-04541 Caller reports loud music, trying to sleep. Milo.
Sunday, July 14
13-04542 Well being check requested for patient, also remind of planned power outage. Town not listed.
13-04546 Fire in woods is under control, needs assistance. Lakeview.
13-04547 Caller reports young deer swam across lake and is laying by camp, no mother around. Monson.
13-04548 Loud music reported. Sangerville.
13-04549 Request to speak with officer regarding problem with tenant. Brownville.
13-04550 Theft reported of horse crossing and tractor crossing signs. Town not listed.
13-04551 Camp had been broken into, several items missing. Wellington.
13-04553 Unlicensed driver reported. Guilford.
13-04554 Missing person, 12 year-old child. Guilford.

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