Charity golf tournament swings for a PH cure

    GUILFORD — Piscataquis Golf Course hosted its fourth annual Pulmonary Hypertension “Swinging Fore a Cure” Golf Tournament on Saturday, July 13.
    All proceeds from this charity golf tournament will go to the UPHill Journeys (UJ), a program of Maine Medical Center, which supports Pulmonary Hypertension (PH) patients in Maine and New Hampshire.

    The simplest way to explain PH is to say “high blood pressure in the lungs.” It is often misdiagnosed and in many cases by the time it is diagnosed it is too late for treatments to be effective. There are about 30 thousand people in the United States that have been diagnosed with this disease. There are many more that have not been diagnosed. A person was diagnosed with PH in the local community. However, unlike prior PH experiences, in which an accurate diagnosis is not made, this person was diagnosed properly. Through community efforts and support UJ is able to accomplish its mission statement.  Please know that this is a real world application, with a real face that is a member of the local, rural community.
    Symptoms of PH are shortness of  breath, especially with activity, feeling tired all the time, lightheadedness, especially when climbing stairs or upon standing up, swollen ankles, legs, or abdomen, chest pain, especially during physical activity and fainting.
    Forty golfers turned out for this event on a beautiful day. Over $1,400 was raised.

sp-golf1-dcX-po-29Photo courtesy of Jeannette Morrill

    WINNING TEAM – Score of -25; front (from left) Bill Kirby and Mike Wasilewski, back (from left) Steve Hall and Bob Sawyer.

    First-place team was Bill Kirby, Bob Sawyer, Steve Hall and Mike Wasilewski.  Second-place team was Wayne Clukey, Glenn Sakahara, Gene Dami and Dave Garland.
    One of the highlights of the day was a chance for Dave Garland to win $2,500.  He  attempted a 40 foot putt and came very close to putting it in the cup.

sp-golf2-dcx-po-29Photo courtesy of Jeannette Morrill

    SECOND PLACE – Score of -21; front (from left) Dave Garland and Wayne Clukey, back (from left) Gene Dami and Glenn Sakahara.

    Falmouth Country Club will be hosting the seventh annual Pulmonary Hypertension “Swinging Fore a Cure” Golf Tournament and Auction on Oct. 5. For information on this tournament please contact Jeannette Morrill at
    UJ thanks everyone who played in the tournament and supported this event.

sp-golf3-dcx-po-29Photo courtesy of Jeannette Morrill

    MONEY SHOT – Dave Garland attempting a 40 foot putt for $2,500.

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