Court News & Dispatch Log

Piscataquis County Emergency Services Dispatch Log

Friday, June 21
13-03949 Gasoline drive-off, brown and gray pickup. Greenville.
13-03951 Request be on lookout for vehicle involved in theft of meat from store. Bangor.
13-03952 Boat in distress on Moosehead Lake. Greenville.

13-03953 Suspicious moving truck in yard. Guilford.
13-03954 Car/moose accident, no injuries. T4 R9.
13-03957 Car/deer accident, deer needs to be dispatched. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-03960 Caller reports large amount of smoke, possible fire. Monson.
13-03961 Report of strange smelling fire. Milo.
13-03962 Erratic driver of motorcycle, traveling at high rate of speed. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-03964 Neighbor’s party has extremely loud music. Dover-Foxcroft.
Saturday, June 22
13-03965 Tree down on wires, Railroad Bed Rd. Greenville.
13-03968 Caller lost wallet yesterday. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-03969 Vandalism, car was keyed in driveway. Guilford.
13-03970 Request to deliver a message regarding death in family. Frenchtown Twp.
13-03972 Caller reports a truck ran over a group of geese, Rt. 15. Rockwood.
13-03974 Report of confused person. Monson.
13-03975 Report of business selling outlawed product. Sangerville.
13-03977 Suspicious activity, two unknown males reported in father’s yard. Greenville.
13-039778 Vehicle blocking parking lot at business. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-03979 Caller reports harassment by landlord. Brownville.
13-03980 Maine State Police request be on lookout for green Sonata driving erratically. Alton.
13-03983 Request to speak with officer regarding custody issue. Atkinson.
13-03985 Mischief, caller reports teenage male subject urinated on church. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-03989 Assist, caller looking for a ride. Brownville.
13-03990 Domestic situation, male and female subjects arguing as walk down street. Guilford.
13-03994 Business intrusion alarm activated. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-03995 Missing person, boater left from Greeley’s Landing and did not arrive Peaks Kenney. Dover-Foxcroft.
Sunday, June 23
13-03997 Subject out of control, request escort off property. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-03998 Reporting intoxicated male got in truck and drove off. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-03999 Vehicle racing up and down roadway, McCorrison Rd. Orneville.
13-04000 Tires squealing and engines racing, Lily Bay Rd. Greenville.
13-04003 Camp discovered broken into yesterday. Kingsbury Plt.
13-04004 Injured baby eagle discovered on shore of river. Guilford.
13-04005 Request to speak with officer about custody issues. Milo.
13-04006 Request to speak with officer about visitation. Greenville.
13-04007 Request to speak with officer about civil issue, verbal contract. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04016 Caller reports seeing person riding on trunk of car. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04018 Requesting house-watch. Dover-Foxcroft.
Monday, June 24
13-04020 Intoxicated female is out of control. Milo.
13-04021 Penobscot informs of auto theft in Dexter, could be headed to Dover, red Ford truck. Dexter.
13-04023 Caller involved in two car accident, personal injury. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04026 Harassment reported. Brownville.
13-04033 Police information regarding two people buying drugs. Sebec.
13-04035 Request to speak with officer about bad check. Monson.
13-04036 Caller reports elderly subject backed into vehicle, concern about driving. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04039 Theft/shoplifting reported. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04040 Request to speak with officer about accident. Brownville.
13-04041 Four shots reported fired. Milo.
13-04043 Traffic stop for illegal attachment. Guilford.
Tuesday, June 25
13-04044 Home intrusion alarm activated. Medford.
13-04045 Car/moose accident, caller left scene but moose needs to be dispatched, Rt. 15. Shirley.
13-04046 Request office to residence for stray dog. Brownville.
13-04047 Report of bicycle left in woods. Willimantic.
13-04049 Caller found injured eagle. Guilford.
13-04050 Elevator alarms sounded at school, all set. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04051 Generator on fire. Greenville.
13-04052 Home intrusion alarm activated. Greenville.
13-04053 Erratic driver keeps going on middle of roadway, Rt. 7. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04056 Hit and run accident, North St. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04063 Has warrant out of PRCC arrested. Guilford.
13-04064 Well-being check requested at residence. Guilford.
13-04066 Tree down on wires, pole is holding it up. Guilford.
13-04068 Reporting 18-wheeler lost tire, possibly headed to town, Rt. 150. Guilford.
13-04069 Tree down on Rt. 11. Orneville.
13-04070 Tree down in wires, no power. Brownville.
13-04071 Boat floating in middle of Schoodic Lake, no one in it. Brownville.
13-04073 Two people in parking lot are fighting. Sangerville.
13-04076 Well-being check requested for children. Milo.
13-04077 Loose pit bull terrier, Rt. 7. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04078 Loud pickup reported. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04079 Arrest for OUI. Sangerville.
13-04080 Tree down with wires down. Lakeview.
13-04081 Erratic driver of blue Chevy reported. Guilford.
13-04083 Neighbor’s apartment is filling up with smoke. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04084 Dog struck by car. Dover-Foxcroft.
Wednesday, June 26
13-04086 Request to speak with officer about situation at hospital. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04087 Request to speak with deputy about protection order and well-being check. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04088 Camp fire alarm is going off. Beaver Cove.
13-04089 Car/deer accident, East Sangerville Rd. Sangerville.
13-04092 Trespass, two subjects are being told by landlord not to be there. Sangerville.
13-04098 Rottweiler running loose near baseball field. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04099 Caller reports lost phone connection due to power outage. Brownville.
13-04100 Probation violation, female subject reported missing. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04103 Trespass, wrecker just came into impound yard and hauled off impounded red pickup. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04104 Subject struck what she believed was a bobcat. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04107 Criminal mischief, destruction of county property at jail. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04108 Suspicious vehicle, black truck at property is not supposed to be there. Milo.
13-04109 Female shoplifter drove off in white Chevy. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04110 Harassing phone calls. Sangerville.
13-04111 Request to speak with officer regarding stolen pills. Milo.
13-04112 Customers left without paying for food. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04114 People arguing, possible underage drinking. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04118 Erratic driver of 18-wheeler reported. Guilford.
Thursday, June 27
13-04119 Requesting assist for disabled husband who fell in yard, is unhurt. Milo.
13-04121 Tree down halfway across Route 15. Rockwood.
13-04132 Caller reports garage broken into again. Milo.
13-04134 Dogs chasing deer. Katahdin Iron Works.
Friday, June 28
13-04142 Suspicious person standing beside caller’s vehicle. Guilford.
13-04143 Domestic animal complaint, loose horses. Milo.
13-04144 Suspicious person, call regarding same person earlier reported trying to get into car. Guilford.
13-04145 Car/deer accident, Elliotsville Rd., greater than $1,000 damage and deer needs to be dispatched. Elliotsville Twp.
Saturday, June 29
13-04174 House watch requested. Guilford.
13-04176 Possible drunk driver reported. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04178 Abandoned bicycle beside road has been there two days, Bennett Pond Rd. Parkman.
13-04181 Request to speak with officer about increasing security with padlocks. Guilford.
13-04182 Male subject making threat to stab family member. Guilford.
13-04183 Tree down, East Dover Rd. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04185 Caller stated bicycle had been alongside road for two days with helmet hanging from handlebars. Parkman.
13-04186 Well-being check requested on elderly resident not answering phone. Sangerville.
13-04187 Caller stated girl came into business crying and wanted to see officer. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04189 Intrusion alarm at business. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-04190 Prowler reported, people heard outside house and knocking on door. Sebec.

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