NHS-FAcolor-dcX-po-23Photo courtesy of Foxcroft Academy

    FOXCROFT ACADEMY — The Foxcroft Academy National Honor Society includes front, from left, Montana Crossman, Brittany Sletterink, Jessica Curtin, Gabrielle Henderson, Winnie Li, Ivy Zhang and Julia Kim. Middle, Steve Yu, Landon Page, Sam Keane, Floria Ji, Briana Pasanen, Daniel Lee, Leah Word and Monica Miles. Back, Travis Vincent, Adviser Peter Hartel, Atticus Dennis and Katie Buerger.


NHS-DRHScolor-dcX-po-23Photo courtesy of Dexter Regional High School

DEXTER REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL — The Dexter Regional High School National Honor Society includes front, from left, Abbey Jordan, Shayna Fogg, Meredith Roderka, Amy Jordan, Alexandra Cooper and Anselawit Laughton. Second row, Michalea White, Alison Pease, Anna Ritland, Hunter Belanger and Gabrielle Adam. Third row, Jane Strauch, Jordyn Bell, Dakota Rudloff-Eastman, Carl Snow and Logan Bagley. Fourth row, Lauren Crane, Casey Jordan, Adam Malinauskas, Matthew Crane and Andrew Levensalor. Back, Dustin Sirabella and Trevor Fogarty.

NHS-ghscolor-dcX-po-23Photo courtesy of Greenville High School

GREENVILLE HIGH SCHOOL — Greenville High School National Honor Society students are front, from left, Olivia Bouchard, Michaella Gilbert, Peyton Ward, Tricia Sherman and Haylie Genoa. Back, Cody Watson, Matthew DiAngelo, Howie Stone and Henry Hersey.

NHS-NTHScolor-dcX-po-23Photo courtesy of TCTC

NATIONAL TECHNICAL HONOR SOCIETY — Tri-County Technical Center students inducted into the National Technical Honor Society were front, from left, Michael Mace, Ashley Malmquist, Taylor Lovley, Monica Grant, Courtney Wilcox and Patrick Haislet. Back, Vincent Pitts, Lacey Kent-Webber, Sarah Eastman, Emily Paige, Jacob Crocker, Courtney Gay, Hali Hardy, Dayna DeRap and honorary member TCTC Director Nicholas Vafiades.

Piscataquis Community High School

    GUILFORD — The 2012-13 members of the Piscataquis Community High School National Honor Society are Spencer Martell, Antonella Oms, Alex Speed, Jeff Hoak, Jacob Campbell, Danielle Spaulding, Tiia Flick, Courtney Richardson, Casey Northup, Jenna Chapman, Jamie Libby, Catherine Williams, Abby Riitano, Rebecca Grant, Jessica Bell, Corey Fellows, Brooke Morrill, Alison Dow and Ben Maines. Not pictured, Carolyn Mumley, Sheridan Clements and Whitney Kain. This year’s inductees are Sarah Taylor, Haley Bergeron, Allie Morin, Caitlin Hession, Jordynne Littlefield, and Mariah Priest.

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