Sangerville is not a dictatorship

Sangerville is not a dictatorship
To the Editor;
    It was discouraging to witness the town manager and the two presiding selectmen in their efforts to spend

town reserves beyond our Budget Committee’s recommendations at the annual town meeting last month. Fortunately, the attending taxpayers asked appropriate questions, offered alternatives and voted to amend or cut excessive costs of many articles presented.
    At the Board of Selectman’s meeting held on April 12th, attendees were showered with accusations of illegal meetings, also informing them that trouble makers, newcomers, irate people, vocal people or contractors may not be the best to serve on committees or boards for the town. Limits of open forum discussion were to adhere to one half hour.
    What’s going on here? Are we under a dictatorship through our own town government? This, I believe, is not how the Sangerville’s townspeople wish to live. Town officials should be grateful for the large amount of volunteer support, time, commitment and dedication that many committee members have given of themselves year after year. They deserve to be respected as they have worked diligently for the good of Sangerville.
    Several committees are beginning meetings again, a new selectman was voted to the Board and a fresh opportunity for town member voices will and should be heard at public meetings. I truly urge the residents of Sangerville to attend any meetings without the fear of recrimination. Be visible and vocal!
Jill L. Croteau

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