Court News & Dispatch Log

Piscataquis County Emergency Services Dispatch Log

Tuesday, April 16
13-02233 Request to speak with officer about custody issue. Sangerville.
13-02235 Suspicious activity reported in area with high occurrence of poaching last year. Town not listed.
13-02237 Keys locked in vehicle. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-02239 Vandalism, report of kids causing problems. Guilford.
13-02240 Assist for keys locked in apartment. Milo.
13-02244 Suspicious activity, group of people acting strangely by caller’s house. Milo.
13-02248 Requesting well-being check on subject. Ebeemee.
13-02249 Neighbor’s dog attacked her dog and her dog is bleeding. Sangerville.
13-02250 Vandalism, back window broken out of truck. Guilford.
13-02251 Report of two vehicles racing, Route 23. Sangerville.
13-02252 Traffic stop, summons for speeding. Sangerville.

Wednesday, April 17
13-02255 Harassment, caller stated family member received call saying they will kill him and family. Abbot.
13-02256 Request to speak with officer about subject not acting properly. Parkman.
13-02257 Trees down on Milo Rd. Sebec.
13-02259 Dead cat in the roadway, caller thinks it’s a bobcat. Milo.
13-02260 Game warden reports white SUV passed him going 85 mph on Route 15. Big Moose Twp.
13-02261 Caller reports farm animals in roadway. Brownville.
13-02262 Caller saw two kids going into abandoned house. Guilford.
13-02263 Traffic stop, vehicle going 90 mph plus. Moosehead Jct. Twp.
13-02264 Requesting complaint number for investigation inside jail. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-02266 Request to have an officer remove subjects from trailer. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-02272 Grass fire out of control, Tower Road. Sebec.
13-02273 Caller reports his dogs are loose. Brownville.
13-02274 Well-being check a client. Sangerville.
13-02279 Neighbors dog on the loose, has reportedly bitten people before. Milo.
13-02281 Vehicle stuck in the woods. Bowerbank.
Thursday, April 18
13-02284 Camp owner reports two enclosed trailers with building materials are gone. Orneville.
13-02288 Minor accident in business parking lot. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-02289 Caller emotionally distressed, unable to determine problem. Milo.
13-02290 Harassment by ex reported. Monson.
13-02291 Possible drunk driver reported, two males in older truck. T1 R8.
13-02292 Phone scam reported. Parkman.
13-02293 Request to speak with officer about daughter taking off and might be drinking. Sangerville.
13-02294 Arrest made. Abbot.
13-02300 Protection order served. Sangerville.
13-02303 Agency assist requested. Milo.
Friday, April 19
13-02305 Requesting complaint number, public speaking event. Guilford.
13-02306 Requesting complaint number, public speaking event. Bangor.
13-02310 Request to speak with officer about civil property dispute. Greenville.
13-02312 Caller reporting black and white Husky in yard, ACO notified. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-02315 Reporting theft of snowsled, 1989 Arctic Cat Jag 440, not registered. Guilford.
13-02316 Caller has caught Husky and wants someone to come and get it. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-02317 Fireworks or shots reported at tennis courts. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-02318 Reporting a couple of vehicles squealing tires and revving engines. Abbot.
Saturday, April 20
13-02322 Truck off the road is damaged, Wilson Stream Road. Willimantic.
13-02323 Request to speak with officer about child custody issue. Monson.
13-02325 Intrusion alarm activated at business. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-02326 Trespass, subjects reported in abandoned house. Milo.
13-02327 Tree down on wires, Ski Resort Rd. Big Moose Twp.
13-02328 Request to speak with officer regarding probation. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-02329 Caller’s dog was bitten by neighbor’s dog. Abbot.
13-02330 Rescue, subject reported in the water, Harlow Pond Rd. Parkman.
13-02331 Raccoon reported acting strangely. Out of County.
13-02332 Dead eagle reported, Tims Cove. Willimantic.
13-02333 Harassment reported, dispute between neighbors. Brownville.
13-02334 Vehicle stuck on road it is not allowed to be one. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-02336 Car/turkey accident, property damage only on Dexter Rd. Sangerville.
13-02338 Complaint regarding school. Guilford.
13-02339 Reporting suspicious vehicle in gravel pit, possibly going to build fire. Abbot.
13-02340 Loose bear on Pine Street. Guilford.
13-02341 Caller reports hearing four shots fired. Sangerville.
13-02342 Mischief, caller reports someone was hitting side of trailer, made sure it was locked. Milo.
13-02343 Deer hit on Monson Rd., caller would like to keep deer. Monson.
Sunday, April 21
13-02350 Rottweiler mix and Golden Lab found. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-02351 Theft of GPS reported. Sangerville.
13-02353 Camp burglary, snowmobile trailer disturbed, reported directly to Brownville PD. Ebeemee.
13-02354 Harassment reported. Abbot.
13-02356 Wallet found at business. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-02357 Controlled brush fire now out of control. Guilford.
13-02360 Juveniles reported loitering in parking lot. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-02362 Civil dispute, would like officer present while move belongings. Milo.
13-02363 Caller had money stolen from vehicle while parked at business. Guilford.
13-02364 Car in driveway is on fire, called back and fire is out. Sebec.
13-02365 Caller reports son was assaulted. Greenville.
13-02366 Subject needs to be advised, not allowed back in business due to violent actions. Guilford.
Monday, April 22
13-02368 Caller reports hit deer, injured but still alive, dispatched deer with knife and would like tag. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-02369 Subject purchased camper but unable to take possession due to wet field, said he would call police. Shirley.
13-02370 Penobscot requesting ATL for black Chevy Malibu regarding missing person from Mass. Millinocket.
13-02372 Requesting assist for Alzheimer patient. Sangerville.
13-02373 German Shepherd running loose on Route 7. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-02374 Reporting camp broken into. Parkman.
13-02378 Request to speak with officer about problem with female family members. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-02379 Bomb threat reported. Guilford.
13-02382 Tree down almost across the roadway, Route 11. Ornveille.

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