41st Piscataquis/Kiwanis race results

    The 41st Annual Kiwanis Piscataquis River Race had 88 boats and 165 racers in the 9.5- mile excursion which began at King Cummings Park in Guilford and ended across the street from Foxcroft Academy in Dover-Foxcroft.

    Karen Francoeur, of Orono, paddled the fastest kayak and a four-person team consisting of Lori and Barry Dana, of  Solon, Ron Bomberger, of Pennsylvania, and Mark Ranco of Indian Island was the fastest canoe.
    The race had entrants in 17 of the 18 categories. The results for each category are as follows:
    Class 1, open speed challenge: Lori and Barry Dana, Ron Bomberger and Mark Ranco, 52:12; Rick and Renee O’Donald, Chip Loring, Dale and Caitlin Cross, Jeff Owen and Paul Brown, 52:19; Mike and Laurie Sproul, Bob Nadeau, Anthony Phillips, Chris Deane and Dan Littlefield, 53:51; Steven Banks, 1:06:07; Eben Allen and Rich Marshall, 1:11:50; Patty Harding, 1:14:07; Jonathan and David Rubin and Peggy McKee, 1:19:17; Johan, Isleen and Ingrid Halvorson, 1:22:13; and Michael Chambers, 1:52:46.
    Class 2, one-person kayak, short, K-1: John Carter, 1:03:35; Reginald Trefts, 1:03:37; Dacano Arno, 1:27:47; and Darango Arno, 1:27:48.
    Class 3, one-person kayak, long, K-1: no entrants.
    Class 4: one-person, open canoe: Reinhard Zollitsch, 1:03:16; Calum Hamilton, 1:03:44; Jennette Fisher, 1:09:00; Mike Kelley, 1:11:38; Irving Gilbert, 1:11:38; George Fatula, 1:22:53; and Henry Deshane, 1:23:45.
    Class 5, two-person, open canoe, short: Stephanie Collins and Stephanie Dankert, 1:02:03.
    Class 6, two-person, open canoe, medium: Dave Robinson and Barry O’Brien, 1:15:12.
    Class 7, recreational, one-man kayak: Jim Greehey, 1:03:53; Ted Randall, 1:07:49; and Ken Beach, 1:27:07.
    Class 8, recreational, one-woman kayak: Karen Francoeur, 58:04; Lee Boss, 1:11:04; Jennifer Stewart, 1:14:29; Tracy Chapman, 1:17:02;  and Jennifer Castonguay, 1:17:45.
    Class 9, recreational, two-person kayak: Emmanuel and Itai Boss, 1:04:05; and Sue Lancaster and Robin DeGeorge, 1:26:38.
    Class 10, recreational, one-person open canoe: Dale Hartt, 1:03:39; Xai Quan, 1:08:59; and Andrew O’Malley, 1:20:17.
    Class 11, recreational, two-person open canoe: Stewart Rogers and Mike Bailey, 58:40; Nathan Knight and Ben Richardson, 1:02:10; Dennis Ewer and Kyle Hartman, 1:04:35; Chad Rogers and Chris McGary, 1:13:35; Karly Waterhouse and Melissa Cookson, 1:18:46; Misty Tucker and Becky Dyment, 1:26:08; and Daniel Moore and Smokey Bunn, 1:30:45.
    Class 12, recreational, two-person open canoe, medium: Eric Gallandt and David Renedo, 57:48; Jim Ditzel and Mike Sussman, 1:02:07; Peter Cyr and Rick Hartley, 1:02:19; Kate Ferguson and Hanna Renedo, 1:02:39; Richard May and James Seymour, 1:02:50; Emilie Seavey and Joseph DiSoto, 1:02:51; Atticus and Michael Dennis, 1:06:11; Zach Gardiner and Dale Robinson, 1:06:37; Corbin Shufelt and Brian Hackett, 1:08:11; Catherine Rich and John Whittier, 1:08:41; Doug and Kayla Noddin, 1:09:34; Daniel Fenton and Hayley Gommel, 1:09:44; Josh Lord and Jon Hobbs, 1:10:01; Michael and Rachel Southard, 1:10:54; Robert Southard and Brian Dow, 1:11:26; Philip Drew and Richard Moore, 1:12:57; Maddy Henderson and Simon Farley, 1:19:18; and Michael Henderson, Ezra Farley and Abigail Henderson, 1:20: 59.
    Class 13, recreational, junior/senior: Cliff and Tommy Littlefield, 1:03:09; Stanley P. and Stanley M. Levitski, 1:05:38; Mike and Kendra Ewer, 1:08:59; Aaron and Mia Winslow, 1:09:36; Christine McMillen and Matthew McKusick, 1:17:02; John and Matt Baiamonte, 1:19:43; and Thomas and Abigail Hinchliffe, 1:20:22.
    Class 14, recreational, ancient mariners: Peter Blood and Clint Cushman, 55:13; Bob Miller and Steven Lacasse, 56:42; Barb Hamlin and James Brann, 1:14:15; and Greg Nolan and Deborah Gardiner, 1:21:05.
    Class 15, challenge, couples: Fiona and Gordon Hamilton, 1:01:15; Ed Nadeau and Pam Tremblay, 1:01:20; Liza and Ryan Smith, 1:02:49; Dana Bisbee and Tom Ringle, 1:03:20; Ben Deering and Margaret Snell, 1:04:09; and Chris Mares and Elena Korothikh, 1:04:27.
    Class 16, challenge, Key Club/high school: Sammi Nadeau and Kailey Schmidt, 53:33; Emily Noyes and Annika Gallandt, 1:01:20; Kaitlyn Nagle and Hannah Rubin, 1:12:58; and Sam Phillips and Savannah Hobbs, 1:20:07.
    Class 17, corporate challenge: Caleb O’Donald and Brandon Corson, 55:10; Chad Robertson and Dan Davis, 55:35; and Robin Brochu and Katti Simpson, 1:05:07.
    Class 18, public service challenge: Piscataquis County Sherrif’s team of Ashley Monahan and Dan Ireland, 1:23:30.

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