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The Freedom I Enjoy Most is the Right to Bear Arms

The Freedom I Enjoy Most is the Right to Bear Arms

By Sydney Fowles

    Guns are used for many different things because every gun is different. Pistols are used for cops/homicide detectives. Double and single barrel guns are used for hunting and shooting. More guns do many different things.

    Stop and think. When you have guns in your presence you must be cautious. You have to be extra careful, if you’re not then you could die, get injured, or you kill or seriously injure other people. That is why you need to be safe and very careful with guns.
    You could still hunt with bows but guns are much faster. Hunting is a survival skill, and if you can’t have them then you’re not going to know how to use them if you find one. People hunt for a living and if their guns got taken away then they would have trouble getting food for their family and they could die.
    Self-defense is used for people; if somebody is chasing you with a knife or gun after you then that’s self defense. People use it on animals that have rabies. They use it too if your pet/wild animal attacks you, people sometimes have to shoot it to get it under control.
    People who have guns are farmers. They use guns to protect their animals. They have them to protect their families and themselves. Hunters have guns obviously to hunt animals and protection. Cops, hunters, farmers and other people have guns.
    I chose this freedom not just because I’m a hunter, but also my whole family has been hunters at one point in time. If we didn’t have guns now, a lot of people could and probably would get killed. People need to be protected from everything including: animals, people and other things. If people aren’t careful then they could shoot someone or themselves, but people need to be educated about stuff like this so they know how it can affect their lives.

My Favorite Freedoms

By Tegan Alexandra Johnson

    The right to talk — One of my favorite rights is to be able to speak. I am allowed to say my opinion instead of living in silence. In some places and countries they can’t speak at all. I think that is unfair to all that can’t speak and I am lucky to have this right.
    The right to vote at age eighteen — They used to have it so women like me couldn’t vote because of our gender. From my age, I’ll be able to vote when I’m nineteen. Some countries could have the law where only men can vote because they are men. That is why one of my favorite rights is to vote at age eighteen.
    The right to go outside — I love the right to go outdoors. In some places where if you stepped outside, you could get killed if there is a war going on. You might not be allowed to go outside for many reasons that we can. That’s why one of my favorite rights is the right to go outside.
    The right to go anywhere — I love this right because I can go to the store that I can go to and African-Americans can. Though I am not an African-American, I am still shocked how the whites treated them. I wouldn’t be allowed to have some friends if that was still a law. That would suck. That is why I love the right to go anywhere.
    The right to be me — I love this right so much because no one can do anything about it if I am different than them. This is beyond all my favorite rights of all. I can be whoever I want to be. Nobody can stop me from it. Thanks for reading this and I hope you like my rights.

ne-essaywinners-dcX-po-16Contributed photo

    PATRIOTIC ESSAYS — Brownville Elementary School fifth-graders Sydney Fowles, left, and Tegan Johnson were the winners in a patriotic essay contest sponsored by the American Legion Unit 41 Auxiliary. Presenting the two students with their monetary prize winnings is Kay Sinclair, chair of Unit 41’s Americanism Committee.

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