The Pony Review: Sam Keane reflects on a year gone by

By Sam Keane
Foxcroft Academy junior

    2012 was certainly a year to remember around the world, but specifically here at Foxcroft Academy. The year flew by with fleeting trends (such as Jeremy Lin), worldwide competition (in the London Olympics), and noteworthy political shifts (with the re-election of Barack Obama). However, 2012 did not contain all positive events; we should all remember the deadly internal attacks (such as the Newtown, Conn. shooting and the Aurora massacre) and the natural disasters that struck the world (such as the Tennessee and Alabama tornadoes that injured and killed more than 30 and Hurricane Sandy, which wrought havoc on the east coast). Nonetheless, in all of this adversity, 2012 was marked by an overwhelming sense of community and compassion in all citizens.

    On the school-wide boarding scale, the year of 2012 was equally as unforgettable. The construction of The Lodge stands in the forefront for boarding accomplishments in 2012. The Lodge was built in less than fourth months (a magnificent feat by any modern day standard) and holds many progressive technologies inside. Also on the boarding scale, Joyce Jia, a boarding student from China, gained the prestigious title of valedictorian for the Class of 2012.
    The arts, one of the less recognized sides of FA community, also had some breakthrough events. With the first full-length film played at the Center Theatre, and various independent “Almasi” films, the media and film class at FA bring out the satirical side of every Pony. Another outstanding event for the arts was the 5-year contract that was signed with the Center Theatre, granting Foxcroft the right to 20 dates per year at the theatre.
    Foxcroft Academy academic feats for the year of 2012 were also remarkable. The college acceptance rate for the Class of 2012 was truly exceptional, with acceptance letters from various top 100 schools, including Northwestern, University of Virginia, Boston College, Colby and Wake Forest. Also on the academic scale, language students excelled tremendously on the standardized tests for each language. Twelve FA students were recognized for their achievement on the National Spanish Exam and the Latin club brought numerous trophies back from their annual certamen. The 2012 math team was another notable club, taking home both the Eastern Maine championship and Class C state championship plaques. The final academic accomplishment was the inception of the Applied Media class, which is the student-driven class that generates the majority of Foxcroft’s news.
    The Pony 2012 athletic year was marked by more monumental accomplishments. The wrestling team achieved yet another renowned state championship title, showing the determination and passion that is striven for by all FA students. The baseball team also had a distinguished season, trouncing various opponents and earning an Eastern Maine championship plaque. The football team had an incredible year that will be remembered for many decades to come. They fought hard every game and earned the highly regarded state championship Gold Ball. Lastly, the track team had many individual feats; with countless numbers of participants in the state meet and various first place finishes, they brought pride to the Pony name.
    With Head of School Arnold Shorey’s Friday’s funnies getting better and better, and the students waiting apprehensively for the next Almasi charade, the year of 2013 can only bring further accomplishment. 2012 brought the FA community further away from normalcy and closer to the goals set forth by the Pony mission statement, and 2013 will unquestionably bring us closer to these founding principles.

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