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A special
birthday party

To the Editor:
    I was so surprised to see so many people at the East Sangerville Grange this past Friday night – I didn’t know I was having a birthday party! But when you get to be 80 years old, surprises like this are always wonderful!

    I want to thank all of you for remembering me and for celebrating my birthday with me with such wonderful food, friendship and the many hugs and well wishes from people who are so important to me. Even the “roastings” were quite fun!
    Thank you to all for being my friends for so many years. The best is yet to come!

Judy Merck

An appeal
to legislator’s humanity

To the Editor:
    Huh? Doug Thomas, from the little town/township of Ripley, Maine, really felt threatened by an accidental spill of wildlife fish? Come on, people! Dead fish are a threat? Accidental spill from a government agency?
    Do I, as Doug Thomas, a respected woodsman/politician require a concealed gun permit to protect myself against dead fish? Darn those stinkers that offend my family along a frozen winter road! Unfortunately I do not like the idea that I would need a concealed weapons permit for a little stink. Hmmm, pass gas and you need to defend yourself from others with a gastro problem? Could be.
    If I choose to, I can wear, hold, and — so long as not threateningly — display a gun or otherwise utilize its threat, as long as there are no legal reasons for me to be denied that right. So, Doug, you may conceal yours; I will wear mine openly. At least you will know my position! Yours will forever be concealed — as hidden from view as the trust you have in those that elected you. We should not be surprised; your proponents may approach you without hindrance, but you will not attend meetings with “concealed” constituents even when invited (not since May 31, 2012).
    I say to Doug Thomas and his fellow musketeers, Peter Vigue and Darryl Brown, if you wish to grow a community, plant thoughtful knowledge, open to wisdom of your own wrongdoing against the people.
    If you wish to destroy that which you hold in heart, namely self, family, children and future, then pave it and drive on it — that seems to be all you understand. I would ask this though, first walk in my shoes, visit and live for a time with the place you seek to destroy. If after 30 days you still wish to complete your proposal, then I will abandon my appeals to your humanity. They would be useless since you would be as insane as a Hitler!
    Issues regarding energy industries and utilities and transportation in Maine remind me of the mob, with tentacles penetrating into multiple areas. Are you attached to Russians; is that your investor scheme? We already know that it is not for china plates but maybe China’s toxins returned to us some way, some day. We already know that carbon dioxide introduced into the atmosphere is destined to return to the U.S. We already know that toxins are introduced into the U.S. without concern by China’s government. We already know that our own government, controlled by business, is only protecting business, not people.
    We already know that we, the people, are not enemies of them, the people. We already know that we are sacrificing our young in a defense of ideology, not country. We already know that technologies exist, if allowed to come forth, that reduce our need for petroleum. We already know that we can turn carbon dioxide into hydrogen for fuel and oxygen to pump back into the atmosphere. We already know that you would like to keep us in ignorance at least to the best you can so we may not discover that …
    We already know that you are for Profit, not Compassion nor Equality; you stand for all that would sustain our lives as slaves to corporations!
    Doug, I do not know you as a person, but I hold that you have the best interests for Maine at heart. If you would look at how politicians, lobbyists and corporations have taken advantage of the people of Maine over the years (and you and I both have to come to grips with our parts in that), you may figure out how to make this damage stop, to once again help the people and allow us to govern ourselves. You and your elected colleagues in Augusta could then kick back and allow locals to govern themselves, giving yourselves the time you need to develop laws (not rely on Fix the Debt or ALEC crafted devices) that we need and that will to protect and serve the people, not big business.

Eric A. Tuttle

Realignment Meeting

To the Editor:
    This letter is to notify parents and guardians of a Wednesday, March 27, district meeting regarding the possible realignment of grades and programs within SAD 41 for the next school year. We have spent considerable time examining how we can best meet the needs of our students while also attempting to respond to the financial challenges that are upon us.
    At the meeting we will discuss the following:
• Relocating the pre-K program to Milo Elementary School and creating two half-day sessions;
• Relocating LaGrange students to Milo Elementary;
• Moving all district grade six students to the PVMS Complex;
• Beginning an alternative education program at the current Marion C. Cook School location; and/or
• Keeping current out-of-district placement students in district at the Marion C. Cook School.
    At the meeting we will discuss the reasons behind the proposed changes. The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. and will be held in the PVHS/MS cafeteria.

Michael Wright
Superintendent of Schools

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