Court News & Dispatch Log

Piscataquis County Emergency Services Dispatch Log

Monday, February 18
13-01027 Disturbance, loud noise and possible fighting. Milo.
13-01030 Suspicious activity reported at business. Sangerville.
13-01033 Report of a 15-year-old male injured in snowmobile accident. Big Moose Twp.
13-01034 Report of stolen vehicle. Sebec.
13-01035 Vehicle off the roadway, Bucks Rd. Greenville.
13-01037 Snowmobile and gas can in the roadway, fell off trailer. Sangerville.
13-01038 Snowmobile/groomer accident. Out of county.
13-01039 Credit card fraud reported. Sebec.
13-01042 Accident involving utility pole, wires down, injuries reported. Shirley.
13-01043 Request to speak with officer about running out of oil. Milo.
13-01046 Request to speak with officer about overdue school bus. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-01047 Possible stolen tools on Craigs List. Monson.
13-01049 Loud noise and suspicious vehicle parked down the street. Brownville.
13-01050 Vehicle broken down with flashers on, no one around, Rt. 23. Sangerville.

Tuesday, February 19
13-01057 Cellar pumping requested. Monson.
13-01058 Structure fire reported. Guilford.
13-01060 Report of shots being fires. Greenville.
13-01061 Summons, papers served. Abbot.
13-01066 Request to speak with officer about counterfeit bills. Dover-Foxcroft.
Wednesday, February 20
13-01073 Cable wires reported down in roadway. Sangerville.
13-01074 Road complaint, vehicle parked near camp is preventing delivery trucks from getting by. Blanchard.
13-01078 Caller reports large sink hole on street. Greenville.
13-01080 Loud music complaint. Milo.
13-01081 Possible OUI, male subject on the road. Greenville.
Thursday, February 21
13-01082 Auto repossession. Monson.
13-01083 Car hit deer, very little property damage, deer limped off. Brownville.
13-01085 Vandalism, business reports being hit with paint balls last night. Milo.
13-01086 Scam or fraud, caller reported receiving fax requesting money. Sebec.
13-01090 Burglary, reporting brother’s home has been broken into. Orneville.
13-01093 Caller requesting assist, locked out of home. Milo.
13-01095 Request to speak with officer about problem with neighbor. Dover-Foxcroft.
Saturday, February 23
13-01126 Report of a stolen vehicle. Big Moose Twp.
13-01127 Request to speak with an officer. Milo.
13-01130 Road complaint, report of sink hole getting larger. Greenville.
13-01132 Theft of medication reported. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-01135 Two vehicle accident, summons issued. Sebec.
13-01136 Caller reports hearing ten gunshots, possibly fireworks. Guilford.
13-01138 Request to speak with officer regarding suspicious activity. Milo.
13-01139 Fire structure, requesting mutual aid. LaGrange.
Sunday, February 24
13-01141 Request to speak with officer regarding threatening. Milo.
13-01142 Car off the road on Route 15. Monson.
13-01145 Car off the roadway. Guilford.
13-01146 Road complaint, Route 15 north is icy. Monson.
13-01147 Two vehicle accident reported, one vehicle remains. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-01149 Assault reported. Brownville.
13-01151 Possible drunk driver, female. Milo.
13-01152 Domestic situation, problem reported with 16 year old. Brownville.
13-01153 Orono State Police request cover domestic situation. Sangerville.
Monday, February 25
13-01157 Requesting a wrecker for disabled vehicle, owner will call AAA. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-01158 Reporting a bad check. Guilford.
13-01163 Subject is driving around town and has no license. Guilford.
13-01164 Requesting complaint number for protection against harassment. Guilford.
13-01166 Request to speak with officer regarding family matter. Guilford.
13-01167 Domestic situation, caller reports family member is being abused. Parkman.
13-01168 Request to speak with officer regarding person speaking of self harm. Dover-Foxcroft.
Tuesday, February 26
13-01170 Dog is walking down the street. Brownville.
13-01172 Subpoena served. Milo.
13-01173 Subpoena served. Milo.
13-01174 Subpoena served. LaGrange.
13-01175 Request to speak with deputy about animal abuse. Sangerville.
13-01176 Reporting subject driving on posted road. Kingsbury Plt.
13-01178 Caller reports hearing shots fired. Milo.
13-01180 Driving complaint, request officer to check on a vehicle. Sebec.
Wednesday, February 27
13-01188 Domestic situation, male and female in road are arguing. Sangerville.
13-01189 Keys locked in running car. Monson.
13-01190 Snowmobile is off the trail, caller has someone going to get it. Abbot.
13-01191 Keys locked in car. Parkman.
13-01193 Lost wallet returned to owner. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-01194 Returned a birth certificate that had been found at business. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-01198 Domestic assault reported. Medford.
13-01199 Trucks reported on posted roads. Guilford.
13-01200 Caller reports wife went off road and struck tree, no personal injury. Monson.
13-01201 Vehicle left roadway, property damage only. Monson.
13-01202 Caller reports finding deer parts on their property. Sangerville.
13-01203 Strong smell of smoke reported. Sebec.
13-01206 Suspicious activity, people and vehicle in place they shouldn’t be. Milo.
13-01207 Driving complaint, vehicles parked on the road. Dover-Foxcroft.
Thursday, February 28
13-01219 Requesting officer assist with out of control child. Guilford.
13-01220 Trucker stuck on hill, Route 16. Milo.
13-01221 Suspicious activity, vehicles at neighbor’s house. Abbot.
13-01222 Loud music reported, people and dogs. Milo.
13-01223 Domestic assault reported, female grabbed by arm and slapped in face. Dover-Foxcroft.
Friday, March 1
13-01226 Requesting fire crew to stand by. Dexter.
13-01227 Caller’s vehicle slid off roadway last night, was pulled out, will call if damage is over $1,000. Sangerville.
13-01228 Reporting suspicious activity involving silver SUV. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-01230 Reporting theft by ex-employee. Guilford.
13-01232 Subpoena served. Parkman.
13-01233 Highway crew reports vehicle off the road, slowing up traffic, owners have arranged for wrecker. Guilford.
13-01234 Rollover reported on Pleasant River Rd. with child trapped inside, another calls reports it on Medford Rd. Milo.
13-01236 Requesting deputy escort female to get her belongings. Guilford.
13-01237 Arrest warrant served. Sangerville.
13-01238 Requesting complaint number for subpoena served. Guilford.
13-01240 Subpoena served. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-01244 Vehicle off roadway, Route 15, damage to vehicle. Monson.
13-01245 Request a subject be removed, subject is leaving. Greenville.
13-01246 Domestic situation, threatening involving family members. Sangerville.
13-01249 Suspicious car reported in area. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-01250 Theft reported from locker. Dover-Foxcroft.
13-01251 Suspicious vehicle reported. Milo.
13-01252 Caller reports hearing strange sounds. Bowerbank.
13-01254 Well-being check requested on subject who claims phones are tapped. Milo.
Saturday, March 2
13-01258 Barking dog, owner won’t come to door, finally answered door, all set. Sangerville.
13-01261 Caller picked up dead deer, wants to use it for bait. Guilford.
13-01262 Red Jeep off the road, flashers on but no one around. Greenville.
13-01265 Road complaint, caller stuck on Shoals Rd. hill due to icy conditions, blocking road. Greenville.
13-01268 Disturbance caused by former employee. Big Moose Twp.
13-01269 Keys locked in running car. Guilford.
13-01270 Suspicious activity, send patrol. Milo.
13-01273 Request to speak with officer regarding a deed. Guilford.
13-01275 Well-being check requested, hasn’t heard from spouse since Thursday. Northeast Carey.

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