Kindergartners count up to the 100th day of classes

By Stuart Hedstrom 
Staff Writer

    DOVER-FOXCROFT — Since they started school back early in September, kindergarten students at SeDoMoCha Elementary, with the help of their teachers, have been keeping track of how many days of classes they have attended with an eye on reaching the 100-day milestone. On Friday, Feb. 8 the Kindergartners got to exactly 100 days of school, and they celebrated the century mark with several programs and lessons.


Observer photo/Stuart Hedstrom

    100TH DAY OF SCHOOL — SeDoMoCha Elementary kindergartners celebrated the 100th day of school on Feb. 8 with a number of activities teaching the students how large the three digit number is. One activity was how they could show 100 in their own unique way and the resulting projects were on display in the school hallway.

    “Basically what we are doing is lots of activities around the number 100,” teacher Erica Tapley said. “We took an aerial human picture of the number 100. They are writing on ‘If I had $100 I would…,” and they made home projects to show 100 in a unique way.”

    She said in the multipurpose room the approximate 85 students in the four kindergarten classes gathered and were arranged to stand in order to spell out the three digits in 100. Tapley said one student decided to show the number by making 100 paper airplanes, which were brought in and given to all the Kindergartners so they could fly them at the same time in the multipurpose room when the youngsters were assembled for the picture.

    The 100 paper airplanes were one example of the home projects students worked on to demonstrate how large the number is in their own unique way. The 100th day of school was also represented in a collage representing one student’s 100 books from their bookshelf, an elephant made out of 100 peanuts, 100 shells from Fort Myers Beach in Florida, a 100-car garage, 100 foam dinosaurs and more.

    “It’s been really fun, they enjoyed the day and the activities,” Tapley said. She said her students made crowns to wear on the 100th day of school and she baked a cake in the shape of the one and two zeros. During recess, held inside on account of the cold, Kindergartners performed 10 jumping jacks in groups of 10 to combine for 100.

    Each of the kindergarten classes had their own 100 activities, such as Traci Taylor’s students playing a matching game. “We had a 100-piece chain with 10 different colors,” Deborah Catell said about one of her class activities  on Feb. 9.

    “We have read 100 day books” she added. “This morning during the reading we sat for 100 seconds without saying anything,” as the Kindergartners saw how large the number 100 is.

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