2013 Local SkillsUSA Showcase

    DEXTER — Tri-County Technical Center held the Local Skills Showcase Competition on Jan. 23. The following medal winners were selected. Congratulations to all the students who participated in this year’s competition. The gold medal winners will be competing in the state level SkillsUSA competitions scheduled for March 14-15 in Bangor. Students who participated in this event are from the following schools: Dexter Regional High School, Foxcroft Academy, Greenville High School, Nokomis Regional High School, Penquis Valley High School and Piscataquis Community Secondary School.

    The results under Program Competitions are: Advertising Design: gold, Rachel Venable (PVHS/home); silver, Jessica Gangemi (NRHS); bronze, Courtney Gay (NRHS); participants: Ariana Freeman (NRHS), Benjamin French (NRHS) and Brad Salisbury (NRHS). Automotive Service Technology: gold, John Russell (DRHS); silver, Travis Lawler (NRHS); bronze, Justin Fish (PCSS); participants: Seyara Fogg (DRHS) and Shawn Woodard (DRHS). Basic Health Care Skills: gold, Alaina Woodard (DRHS); silver, Taylor Lovley (NRHS) and bronze, Alyssa Hines (DRHS).

    Carpentry: gold, Spencer Hartsgrove (NRHS); silver, Nathan Shorey (PCSS); bronze, Seth Rudge (PCSS); participants: Michael Colomy (DRHS), Eric Forrest (NRHS) and Ashley Malmquist (NRHS). Commercial Baking: gold, Elizabeth Harding (NRHS); silver, Sarah LaBrecque (NRHS) and bronze, Sophiea Farnsworth (PVHS). Commercial Truck Driving: gold, Kelly Edson (FA); silver, Vincent Pitts (DRHS/home); bronze, Haley Loving (DRHS); participants: Tonya Michaud (FA) and Shawn Nightingale (DRHS). Computer Maintenance Technology: gold, Tiandra Welch (NRHS); silver, Sebastian Ames (NRHS); bronze, Eric Mrazik (NRHS); participants: Desiree Bouchard (GHS); Timothy Choiniere, Kuper Demo, Jacob Graves, Bryan Hill, Joseph Hoffman, and Tracy Lewis (NRHS); Logan Dow (PCSS); Forrest Loupin, Jeremiah Pina, Logan Shaw (DRHS) and Kenneth Schoch (PVHS).

    Crime Scene Investigation: gold, Chelsea Baillargeon (PCSS); silver, Katrina Nickerson (DRHS); bronze, Kayla Oldham (PCSS); participants: Nicholas Beauchesne (FA), Courtney Canfield (NRHS) and Keith Gnade (DRHS). Criminal Justice: gold, Alexzander Morris (NRHS); silver, Nicholas Beauchesne (FA); bronze, Darien Lane (FA); participants: Daniel Gallison (NRHS), Cody Herbest (PVHS) and Devan Morse (NRHS). Culinary Arts: gold, Brent Richardson (DRHS) and silver, Victoria Gnade (DRHS). First Aid/CPR: gold, Hali Hardy (NRHS/home); silver, Traci Carson (NRHS) and bronze, Kaylee Warman (GHS).

    Health Occupations Professional Portfolio: gold, Emily Paige (NRHS) and silver, Heather Weatherbee (NRHS). Medical Math: gold, Alyssa Hines (DRHS); silver, Monica Grant (NRHS); silver, Alyssa Monk (NRHS); bronze, Krishanna Cook (PVHS); bronze, Alexis Winslow (NRHS); participants: Courtney Wilcox (NRHS) and Alaina Woodard (DRHS).

    Medical Terminology: gold, Emily Paige (NRHS); silver, Hali Hardy (NRHS/home); bronze, Traci Carson (NRHS); participants: Courtney Butland, Sierra Chapman, Michaela Cole, Alexis Fiandaca, Angela Garnett, Monica Grant, Lacey Kent-Webber, Taylor Lovley, Paige Maker, Marina McCormick, Alyssa Monk, Mariah Moriarty, Caitlin Parent, Briana Pomroy, Ashley Poulin, Heather Weatherbee, Courtney Wilcox, Alexis Winslow, and Ashley Young (NRHS); Sarah Eastman, Rachel Giles, Alyssa Hines, Ansalewit Laughton, Jessie Moulton and Alaina Woodard (DRHS); Kelsey Callins, Allyson Dow and Briana Worster (PCSS); Krishanna Cook and Kayla Grant (PVHS); Kelsey Nason, Mercedes Nickerson, and Jessica Sprague (FA); and Kaylee Warman (GHS).

    Nurse Assisting: gold, Taylor Lovley (NRHS); silver, Monica Grant (NRHS); bronze, Ashley Young (NRHS); participants: Sierra Chapman (NRHS), Krishanna Cook (PVHS), Alyssa Hines (DRHS), Lacey Kent-Webber (NRHS), Mercedes Nickerson (FA) and Alaina Woodard (DRHS).

    Precision Machining: gold, Jacob Crocker (FA); silver, Blaine Cooper (NRHS); bronze, Kenneth Tarnoczy (PVHS) and participant, Brandon Maguire (PVHS). Related Technical Math: gold, Taylor Lovley (NRHS); silver, Monica Grant (NRHS); bronze, Emily Paige (NRHS); participants: Preston Bignell, Colby Corriveau, Raymond Frechette, Alyssa Hines, Sabrina Tatseos (DRHS); Traci Carson, Dayna DeRaps, Jacob Graves, Spencer Hartsgrove, Joseph Hoffman, Alyssa Monk, Brad Salisbury, Tiandra Welch, and Courtney Wilcox (NRHS); Kelsey Nason (FA) and Rachel Venable ((PVHS)/home).

    Restaurant Service: gold, Nikki DiPalma (GHS) and silver, Madelene Fletcher (NRHS). Technical Computer Applications: gold, Tiandra Welch (NRHS); silver, Logan Dow (PCSS); bronze, Forrest Loupin (DRHS); participants: Joseph Hoffman (NRHS) and Jeremiah Pina (DRHS).

    The results under Leadership Competitions are: Action Skills: gold, Michaela Cole (NRHS); silver, Aleesha Yascone (DRHS) and bronze, Bryan Hill (NRHS). Extemporaneous Speech: gold, Alexis Fiandaca (NRHS) and bronze, Nikki DiPalma (GHS).

    Job Interview: gold, Alexis Fiandaca (NRHS); silver, Alaina Woodard (DRHS); bronze, Sierra Chapman (NRHS), participants: Courtney Butland (NRHS), Haley Loving (DRHS), Mercedes Nickerson (FA), Ashley Poulin (NRHS) and Heather Weatherbee (NRHS). Job Skills Demo “A”: gold, Sarah Eastman (DRHS); silver, Rachel Emond (NRHS); bronze, Sarah Brown (NRHS) and participant Preston Bignell (DRHS). Job Skills Demo Open: gold, Jayson Palmer-Wolford (NRHS); silver, Ansalewit Laughton (DRHS); bronze, Tonya Michaud (FA); participants: Tyler Cook (DRHS), Forrest Loupin (DRHS) and Aleesha Yascone (DRHS).

    Prepared Speech: gold, Paige Maker (NRHS). Promotional Bulletin Board: gold: Ansalewit Laughton (DRHS); gold, Briana Worster (PCSS); silver, Paige Maker (NRHS); silver, Marina McCormick (NRHS); bronze, Traci Carson (NRHS); bronze, Alexis Fiandaca (NRHS); participants: Preston Bignell (DRHS), Rachel Giles (PVHS), Tracy Lewis (NRHS), Ashley Moore (DRHS), Jessie Moulton (PVHS), Katie Nelson (FA), Jeanna Smith (NRHS) and Kristena Strout (NRHS).

    State Pin Design: gold, Brad Salisbury (NRHS); silver, David Shea (GHS) and bronze, Benjamin French (NRHS). State T-Shirt Design: gold, Rachel Venable (PVHS/home); silver, Brad Salisbury (NRHS); bronze, David Shea (GHS) and participant Colby Corriveau (DRHS).

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