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Knowlton apologizes

To the Editor:

    I have no idea what this week’s going to be like so I need to apologize beforehand to the people who help me plow. They have 40 years’ experience between them plowing roads and to the other people (you know who you are) especially my wife thank you and I am sorry.

Tim Knowlton

Re: Games in Monson


To the Editor:

    First of all I have been a resident of Monson all my life. For 50-plus years Farrin Brothers plowed in Monson. When they stopped, Joe Leary got the contract and plowed for about nine years I believe. In that 59-plus years I’m sure there were some complaints. However, there was never to my knowledge a letter sent to the county commissioners with 40-plus signatures complaining about the plowing which is what happened last year. A meeting with the county commissioners was held at the Monson Community Center with more than 50 residents attending. Several suggestions were given to Mr. Knowlton as to how to improve his performance.

    Now Mr. Knowlton calls it a game and asks the complainers to call him. In most towns when people have a complaint, they direct it to the town official in charge. In Monson that would be the Town Manager. If the complainer gets no results from the manager then they go to the selectmen. If they still have no results they go to the county commissioners not the contractor.

    In my opinion, when a job goes out to bid, you get what you pay for. Mr. Knowlton needs to do more research and get his facts straight before he writes about Willimantic because he is inaccurate.

    Thank you Bryant Brown and Buddy Martin, you are doing a good job and it is nice to know that you are listening to the taxpayers.

    The selectmen mentioned in Mr. Knowlton’s letter do not need “credentials for winter road maintenance.” All that is required is to be able to read the contract which Mr. Knowlton signed. Reading enables them to know if the contract is being adhered to. Also, anyone driving on the Monson roads can tell if a road is slippery or not.

    Mr. Knowlton needs to apologize to the residents of Monson for calling several of them liars during last year’s meeting and now for calling them puppets. The residents of Monson think for themselves and are not puppets. Mr. Knowlton should recognize that we, the taxpayers, pay for his services and have every right to voice our opinions on his job performance. It is our money.

    It is also notable that the two people that gave Mr. Knowlton great reviews are not residents of Monson, but 40 people who are residents signed the letter of complaint.

    As a final note, why does Mr. Knowlton use Monson’s equipment (bucket loader) to plow intersections and turnarounds, and use to load the sander? The former contractors used their own equipment to do so and that was one reason the bid was higher for the other contractors.

    Oh, buy the way, who is liable if Mr. Knowlton has an accident with the town equipment?

Brian Turner

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