Court News & Dispatch Log

Piscataquis County Emergency Services Dispatch Log

Monday, December 24

12-08402 Traffic stop, speeding 30-plus mph, Route 15. Dover-Foxcroft

12-08404 Theft of canoe and other items. Guilford.

12-08406 Car/deer accident, Bangor Road. Dover-Foxcroft.

12-08413 Fight reported outside in street. Milo.

Tuesday, December 25

12-08414 Request to speak with officer about serving papers. Milo.

12-08415 Reporting theft/missing gun. Parkman.

12-08418 Car/deer accident, caller unsure whether it is reportable. Sangerville.

12-08419 Request to speak with officer about contact with children. Wellington.

12-08420 Request to speak with officer regarding daughter’s behavior. Dover-Foxcroft.

12-08421 Car/deer accident, North Dexter Rd. Sangerville.

Wednesday, December 26

12-08423 Tractor trailer truck jack-knifed avoiding deer. Milo.

12-08426 Caller reports child in road on small motorized 4-wheeler nearly hit by vehicle. Milo.

12-08430 Phone harassment reported. Dover-Foxcroft.

12-08431 Truck reported on fire in driveway. Monson.

12-08432 Two vehicle accident in parking lot. Dover-Foxcroft.

12-08434 Domestic situation, teen is out of control. Dover-Foxcroft.

12-08436 Caller reports someone out back shooting gun, does not know if this is legal. Dover-Foxcroft.

12-08439 Requesting complaint number for subpoena served. Sangerville.

12-08440 Requesting complaint number for subpoena served. Sangerville.

12-08441 Subpoena served. Abbot.

12-08442 Subpoena served. Abbot.

12-08445 Reports receiving threatening calls from subject with foreign accent. Greenville.

12-08446 Caller reports boyfriend hit and killed deer, someone would like to take deer. Brownville.

12-08449 Caller reports hitting deer, very little damage. Brownville.

12-08450 Caller reports a truck leaking gasoline. Dover-Foxcroft.

12-08451 Flooded basement reported. Dover-Foxcroft.

12-08452 Domestic animal complaint, barking dogs. Dover-Foxcroft.

12-08455 Domestic situation where male pushed female family member. Medford.

Thursday, December 27

12-08457 Driver hit and killed deer, extensive damage to vehicle. Brownville.

12-08459 Domestic situation between husband and wife, female requesting officer. Milo.

12-08460 Domestic situation, altercation with spouse in Newport. Wellington.

12-08462 Tractor trailer stuck in roadway, Route 150. Parkman.

12-08463 Tree reported down on Pleasant Street. Milo.

12-08464 Road complaint, called 911 to get road plowed. Sangerville.

12-08465 Domestic situation, teen fighting with siblings. Medford.

12-08467 Request to speak with officer about warrants. Town not listed.

12-08469 Caller reports receiving harassing calls. Dover-Foxcroft.

Friday, December 28

12-08472 Request to speak with officer, was warned not to call 911. Parkman.

12-08473 Two vehicle accident reported. Barnard.

12-08478 Car/deer accident reported. Brownville.

12-08480 Reports of snowmobiles racing up and down roadway. Milo.

Saturday, December 29

12-08482 Car/plow accident, North St. Dover-Foxcroft.

12-08484 Vandalism reported, car hit by eggs. Sangerville.

12-08485 Suspicious person reported in apartment. Milo.

12-08488 Driving complaint against driver. Guilford.

12-08490 Snowmobiles reported riding on roadway. Brownville.

12-08495 Caller requests male subject be removed from residence. Milo.

12-08496 Report of fight at business. Guilford.

12-08497 Caller reports smell of something burning coming from next apartment. Milo.

Sunday, December 30

12-08500 Request to speak with officer about family member’s behavior. Monson.

12-08502 Missing person, report of six-year-old that is missing. Dover-Foxcroft.

12-08503 Theft of ring from a car during the night. Guilford.

12-08504 Road complaint, Lily Bay Road. Kokadjo.

12-08505 Harassment reported. Guilford.

12-08507 Possible drunk driver with no license. Guilford.

12-08509 Called twice, first time hung up, domestic assault reported by female. Parkman.

Monday, December 31

12-08518 Augusta reports Ripogenus Dam failure drill. Town not listed.

12-08519 Female caught on camera stealing from business. Monson.

12-08520 Caller requests officer escort to get belongings. Parkman.

12-08521 Truck on its side in ditch, driver uninjured, Route 15. Shirley.

12-08522 Requesting officer assist with patient. Greenville.

12-08531 Report of construction light at Walkers Bridge malfunctioning. Brownville.

12-08532 Caller reports ex is making threats to sons, wanted it logged. Blanchard.

12-08533 Caller reports person came to home saying they hit a deer and asking to call police. Guilford.

12-08534 Car/deer accident on Milo Road. Dover-Foxcroft.

12-08535 Railroad reports track stuck, Route 11, will have it moved, State Police covering there. Out of county.

12-08536 Caller reports hitting deer, it took off, not much damage. Sangerville.

12-08538 Request to speak with officer, caller reports being assaulted in parking lot. Dover-Foxcroft.

12-08539 Well-being check requested for elderly neighbor, can’t get in contact and has multiple health issues. Monson.

12-08540 Threatening reported. Greenville.

12-08541 Request to speak with officer about traffic issue. Dover-Foxcroft.

12-08542 Harassing text messages reported. Milo.

12-08543 Warning issued for public drinking. Milo.

12-08544 Accident reported in parking lot. Guilford.

12-08545 Caller reports assault by girlfriend. Milo.

Tuesday, January 1

13-00006 Caller reports hitting deer, it ran off, no damage to vehicle. Milo.

13-00007 Reporting dead deer on Douty Hill, found someone to take it for bait. Sangerville.

13-00012 Caller reports dead deer on side of snowmobile trail off Forest Ave. Dover-Foxcroft.

13-00014 Vehicle reported off roadway, people inside may be drinking. Sangerville.

13-00018 Suspicious person reported leaving area with backpack. Sangerville.

13-00019 Well-being check requested, daughter’s phone has been busy all day. Sangerville.

13-00020 Car/deer accident reported with over $1,000 damage. Milo.

13-00021 Threatening by family member reported by female. Milo.

13-00023 Prowler, caller caught neighbor looking in windows. Milo.

13-00024 Male subject assaulted on side of road, doesn’t know why. Route 23. Sangerville.

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