1 month ago
Shot placement is key when hunting moose
Moose are Maine’s largest big game animal by far. Bulls have been known to top the scales in excess of 1,000 lbs! Because of their sheer size and body mass, they can be difficult to put down, even with a high-powered rifle -- if shot placement is not good. For ethical, as well as practical reasons, moose hunters need to zero in their rifles carefully and practice their marksmanship at various distances long before the fall hunt of a lifetime. Shot placement is key, even more important, really, than the caliber of choice!
1 month ago
Snorkling in Maine is like ‘going through the looking glass’ to find a fascinating new world
Lobsters, giant fish, snapping turtles and sunken ships. Maine’s underwater world is filled with wonders, according to those who snorkel. A niche activity in the Northeast, snorkeling is fairly easy to learn. The equipment required -- a mask, snorkel and fins -- is inexpensive and low tech. And given the region’s numerous lakes, rivers and ocean coves, there are many places to explore.
1 month ago
Athletic administrators rally after Orono’s departure to fill holes in football schedule
Dow got a heads up about Orono’s situation when the Red Riots traveled to Bar Harbor on Aug. 26 for a preseason round robin with MDI and Washington Academy. He then began work with fellow athletic administrators Roy Pelotte of Dexter Regional High School and Dan O’Connell of John Bapst of Bangor to determine possible substitute games by matching teams around the state with byes on the same weekends.
2 months ago
I love fishing brooks and streams (except with bears)
My love for fishing brooks and streams started when I was a kid catching small trout in a tiny brook in the woods up the hill behind my house in Winthrop. After we purchased our camp on Nesowadnehunk Lake on the edge of Baxter Park, I started fishing Nesowadnehunk Stream – and eventually fished the entire 23 miles of the stream to where it flows into the west branch of the Penobscot River. There are pools full of brook trout the entire length of that stream.
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