3 days ago
New fishing regulations anglers need to know
Fishing regulations, like any rules or regulations, are not easy to love. Some time ago, as fishing law books got thicker and the water-by-water rules got increasingly complex with multiple S-codes and exceptions to the General Law, a cynic made the observation that a serious law-abiding angler needed two companions with him on the water: a Sherpa to carry the law book and a lawyer to interpret the regulations and S-code for each body of water.
6 days ago
New social norms make extroverts appreciate those special times afield
Like the rest of you, I'm not allowed to spend much time visiting others nowadays. Social-distancing rules say that I'm supposed to stay six feet away from everybody else, and as this pandemic gathers steam, I've even found myself guiltily holding my breath when I've passed someone in the aisles of my local grocery store. For a guy who makes his living meeting up with total strangers, listening to their stories, and sharing those tales with thousands of BDN readers, this has been an odd time, to be sure.
2 weeks ago
Gov. Mills, Commissioner Camuso suspend inland waters fishing license requirement, open waters to inland fishing
Gov. Janet Mills directed Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Commissioner Judy Camuso to open all inland waters for fishing and to waive the requirement that anglers need a recreational fishing license to fish the inland waters of Maine. The order, which is effective immediately, will run through April 30 and is intended to encourage Maine people to enjoy the outdoors as we confront the challenges associated with COVID-19.
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