2 months ago
Basic dude stuff is needed now more than ever
The first thing I notice about Patrick McNamara's video on the LinkedIn business networking site? It is low-tech. Positioning his smart phone vertically, Mr. McNamara looks directly into his phone's camera. Sometimes we see his full face. Sometimes we see his head profiled. And sometimes part of McNamara's face is out of our field of view. Each video is just under a minute in length, with McNamara offering on each five-to-six lessons on what he calls "basic dude stuff."
2 months ago
Surprise Medical Billing connected to health insurance company profits
Even as health insurance companies report record profits, I regularly read about the growing crisis of Surprise Medical Billing (SMB). It seems implausible that these two trends are somehow unrelated. SMB occurs when health insurers won’t pay for medical care and, instead, those costs are shunted off to patients who can scarcely afford them. So are the insurance companies pocketing more profits at the expense of patients they claim to insure? It would certainly appear so.
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