1 month ago
Portland is actively hostile to business growth
Because of the work I do, I have the opportunity to meet with many Maine businesses, particularly small businesses, and ask them what is necessary for them to survive, thrive and grow. I also often ask them what stands in their way of achieving those things. I ask these questions because I care about the answers. The only way we can keep young people in the state, provide jobs, grow our economy and achieve real prosperity is for Maine businesses to prosper.
1 month ago
In defense of Columbus Day
Earlier this week, the Bangor City Council decided that Columbus Day, a federally recognized holiday, should in fact be Indigenous Peoples' Day. Despite protestations from the council that it wasn't trying to "replace" Columbus Day (which they can't do anyway, it being a federal holiday), the choice to recognize and celebrate the newly designated Indigenous Peoples' Day on the day we recognize Christopher Columbus is a pretty clear signal of what the city council's intentions are.
1 month ago
AARP to host local coffee talks and September shredding event
Are you interested in knowing how AARP and local leaders are working together to create a more age-friendly culture, making Dover-Foxcroft, Milo, Dexter, Guilford, and Greenville more livable for people of all ages? Want to share your ideas? Would you like to know more about how AARP is advocating for older adults statewide? If so, come to the AARP Coffee Talk at Elaine’s Bakery in Milo on Thursday, September 21 from 10 – 11:30 a.m. or join us at The Mill Café in Dover-Foxcroft on Tuesday, September 26, from 10 – 11:30 a.m.
2 months ago
Resist the efforts to limit or abolish trial by jury in civil cases
I enjoyed reading Brett Baber’s column about the Seventh Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in “The Piscataquis” Observer for Aug. 16. He urged fellow conservatives to resist the efforts of big corporations, government, and some professional bodies to limit or abolish trial by jury in civil cases by imposing dispute resolution by arbitration. As an unabashed liberal lawyer from Massachusetts, I urge my friends and colleagues to resist this trend also.
2 months ago
SAD 4 school committee must cut more expenses
The SAD 4 school committee recently met and, as I predicted about a month ago, did not make any effort to reduce the expenses in the budget that it is submitting again to the district citizens. At a previous meeting, I had given the committee members a letter detailing over $100,000 of expenditures that could easily be cut and that would not affect student programming in any way. It continued to be totally ignored. The moral of the story is clear. Once again school committee steadfastly refuses to cut expenses as a way to bring the assessments under control.
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