4 weeks ago
Preserving family memories teaches us about ourselves
My grand uncle Charlie Fish was one of my paternal grandfather’s two brothers. What little I know of Grand Uncle Charlie is mostly from my father. Uncle Charlie could play any musical instrument, and he was his family’s black sheep, my father said. That is all I know of a relative I would have liked to have known. I started thinking of relatives who were part of my life. What firsthand details of them will my future family members have?
1 month ago
What’s ahead for online news?
I was primarily working in politics throughout the 1990s. In the early ‘90s, with the introduction of email, a growing internet, internet accessibility, and affordable computers, I saw potential for the legislators I worked with to have communications networks with their constituents. Actually, I envisioned legislators’ email communication networks branching in all directions: legislator to constituent; constituent to legislator, and all the networking variations therein.
2 months ago
George H.W. Bush, the last true American statesman
In the past several days, you have heard many things about George Herbert Walker Bush. His decency and goodness. His commitment to service. His dignity. Yet, the former president's most enduring gift to the American people is not only his demeanor. Rather it is in something that never actually even happened. And the legacy of that gift is so tremendous, and his leadership so central to it, that each and every one of us should give thanks for his presence.
2 months ago
Ranked choice voting works
In his Dec. 5 column, Matthew Gagnon makes a flawed argument against ranked choice voting. He claims that with ranked choice voting we cannot evaluate the top two candidates for round two of against one another because we do not know in advance who they will be. However, with ranked-choice voting, we have effectively evaluated the top two against one another for a possible second round, no matter who they are, precisely because we’ve already evaluated and ranked all the candidates, including the final top two, in round one.
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