Letters to the Editor
2 weeks ago
Ranked choice voting works
In his Dec. 5 column, Matthew Gagnon makes a flawed argument against ranked choice voting. He claims that with ranked choice voting we cannot evaluate the top two candidates for round two of against one another because we do not know in advance who they will be. However, with ranked-choice voting, we have effectively evaluated the top two against one another for a possible second round, no matter who they are, precisely because we’ve already evaluated and ranked all the candidates, including the final top two, in round one.
1 month ago
Thank you from State Senate candidate Mackey Andrews
Dear friends and neighbors, I want to congratulate Paul Davis for retaining Senate District 4. Despite the toxic environment on both sides of the aisle at the state and national level, I believe we treated each other with respect and civility. I wish Paul the best as you continue to serve the people in our district and want to assure you that I will work at your side to promote the issues raised by so many local residents -- healthcare access and costs, property taxes, the quality of our educational system, and economic growth and sustainability for our large rural region.
2 months ago
An update from HAD 4 Board Executive Committee on plan for Mayo to enter into a new agreement with Northern Light Health
There has been some discussion lately about the ongoing process of Mayo Regional Hospital’s plan to enter into a new agreement with Northern Light Health (formerly EMHS or Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems). We wanted to take the opportunity to provide an update and further clarification, because we understand as the region’s healthcare provider and largest employer, our future affects many, if not all, members of the community.
2 months ago
Place Ringelstein atop the U.S. Senate candidates with Ranked Choice Voting
We Maine voters have our very own Bernie Sanders to elect for U.S. Senator in Zak Ringelstein. The very best news about voting for such a candidate to high office is that we citizens of Maine now have Ranked Choice Voting for our U.S. Congressional and U.S. Senate seats. Therefore, we have the pleasure of very effectively voting to rank Zak first, Angus King second (suggestion: you may choose to not rank Eric Brakey at all).
2 months ago
Former students endorse Maine House candidate Adkins
We write today in support of Tyler Adkins for House District 119. As young people who were either Tyler’s students, or students while he was teaching at Foxcroft Academy, we support his forward thinking and desire to make Piscataquis County a place where young people can find opportunity and make a life for themselves. His focus on broadband connectivity and workforce training are two essential items that will make a significant impact.
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