1 month ago
Enhancing opportunities for women to continue to achieve success in aviation
Despite these historic accomplishments during more than a century of powered flight, today women remain significantly underrepresented in the aviation industry. Although women make up more than 50 percent of our nation’s workforce, they represent just two percent of airline mechanics, four percent of flight engineers, five percent of repairmen, six percent of pilots, 18 percent of flight dispatchers and 26 percent of air traffic controllers.
2 months ago
Red County Caucus praises signing of tax reform legislation
The President has signed a historic tax reform into law. While Democrats claim the power of the seer akin to Nostradamus portending wild-eyed apocalyptic doom as a result of wage earners and wage payers keeping more of the fruits of their labors, in the real world of the real truth this new tax structure affords real tax relief to virtually every wage bracket in the U.S. Contrary to the liberal narrative, it is not theft for Americans to keep more of their wages.
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