2 weeks ago
Will they know you were here?
When I was a younger, more avid book collector, I dreamed of living in a home with a personal library, my books catalogued on floor-to-ceiling dark wood shelves in sections: history, music, politics, biography, and a special spot for books of collected letters, journals, and diaries of notable writers and politicians. John Steinbeck’s “Journal of a Novel,” President Reagan’s “The Reagan Diaries,” and “Selected Letters of William Faulkner,” for example.
3 weeks ago
Dover-Foxcroft airport or a solar array? Why choose when we can have both!
Recently this newspaper published an article about the possibility of the town entering into a lease agreement to place a solar array on the Dover-Foxcroft airport property. The town manager, Jack Clukey, was quoted as saying, “In order to do that, the site would no longer function as an airport.” Unfortunately, there is far more to this story than what this quote suggests. A follow-up story suggests that local pilots opposed the solar project, hindering something which could potentially have financial rewards for the town. This is simply not true.
4 weeks ago
Thank landowners for recreational opportunities in Maine
All of us should be celebrating Maine Forest Products Week, Oct. 20-26. Maine’s forest products industry has a long and successful history in our state. From our earliest days, Maine’s vast timberlands have been an important asset, sought after first for masts for the king’s navy, and today for lumber and paper. The future will include any number of forest products from composites to bio tech to uses that have not even been imagined yet.
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