2 months ago
General aviation: a lifeline for rural Maine
In 1998, an ice storm swept through Maine, quietly burying roads and towns. Some communities became completely inaccessible. Without general aviation, many towns and island communities would have been cut off from resources for an unknown period of time. It was general aviation pilots who stepped up to the plate, providing a vital link to ensure transportation of emergency personnel, emergency equipment, and individuals requiring emergency care.
2 months ago
More money for Maine schools won’t fix broken system
Since the passage of Question 2 on last November's ballot, the debate over it has centered around the question of taxes. Does Maine want to have, depending on how you count it, the highest or second-highest income tax rate in the country? Is that what Maine people voted for, or were they just trying to vote for some vague concept of "better schools"? Just how bad will the flight of wealth from Maine to other states be? How many people will decide to never move here because of the new tax rate? What will be the impact on jobs?
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