17 hours ago
Firing of Google employee squelches ‘open and honest discussion’
The Washington Post boldly declared that it said women were “genetically unsuited for tech jobs." CNN said that it claimed "women are not biologically fit for tech roles." Time Magazine said it was an "anti-diversity tirade. Gizmodo called it a "screed," as did The Atlantic. Vanity Fare went with "anti-diversity manifesto." “It” was the controversial memo drafted by a Google employee, criticizing the company’s internal policies on bias and diversity. A memo that got him fired.
1 week ago
A radical idea: Working together to fix the American health care system
Recently the Senate voted late into the night on a Thursday and into the early hours of Friday morning, ultimately voting down a bill that would have rolled back many parts of the Affordable Care Act. It was the right choice given the rushed nature of the process and the uncertainty of the impact the bill would have on one sixth of the American economy and on millions of people across the country, including tens of thousands in Maine.
2 months ago
Maine must restore local control of its schools
The Common Core State Standards, since their adoption in 2011, have been an expensive and harmful experiment that threatens Maine’s educational competitiveness. Unfunded mandates for local schools districts, excessive testing requirements, developmentally inappropriate material, and dubious data collection practices underscore how Common Core has caused, and will continue to cause, problems for Maine’s schools, teachers, and students.
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