1 week ago
It’s time for an equal rights amendment, but expect a nasty fight
It’s long past time that the Maine Legislature sends a state Equal Rights Amendment to voters. But a word of caution for the supporters — of which I am one: If LD 433, which would amend the state constitution to explicitly prohibit discrimination based on the sex of an individual, appears on the ballot, we will need to run a real campaign to make sure it passes and to protect against divisive and harmful attacks from opponents.
1 week ago
Rep. Stearns feels citizens’ vote would clarify what they want to happen with their hospital
While legislation could be submitted immediately on behalf of the board, I believe that to do so would place a decision reserved for the citizens of HAD 4 directly with the Maine Legislature. I represent the citizens in seven of the towns in the HAD, and I believe that given the information and opportunity, the townspeople will make the right decision. The results of a vote by the citizens would indicate to legislators that the process in the charter had been followed and would hopefully provide more clarity to what the people want to happen with their hospital and health care services.
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