19 hours ago
Civil servants
I find it almost comical that Scott K. Fish chose to reference Hugh Hewett in his Jan. 10, 2020 column about a modern government workforce as someone we should take to heart when critiquing civil servants. In state, local and federal government there certainly is room for improvement, but why would we seek answers from an individual who has made a living promoting an agenda that has nothing to do with the working class, instead focusing on advancing hypotheses that ignore science while willfully promoting debunked theories in order to obfuscate the truth, all under the guise his Christian faith affords him a platform to educate the public while sharing his opinions which predominantly adhere to party lines, even at the cost of him being hypocritical.
1 week ago
Maine needs to address reasons for declining life expectancy
"According to a new study in [the Journal of the American Medical Association] JAMA, life expectancy at birth stopped increasing since 2010 and actually decreased in the US for three consecutive years. To put this in perspective, the last time we saw three consecutive years of declining [life expectancy] was 100 years ago, coinciding with the flu epidemic of 1918." That is the lead paragraph from a December 29, 2019 email update I received from Dr. Peter Attia with the equally attention grabbing subject line: "Why is life expectancy in the US declining?"
3 weeks ago
Basic dude stuff is needed now more than ever
The first thing I notice about Patrick McNamara's video on the LinkedIn business networking site? It is low-tech. Positioning his smart phone vertically, Mr. McNamara looks directly into his phone's camera. Sometimes we see his full face. Sometimes we see his head profiled. And sometimes part of McNamara's face is out of our field of view. Each video is just under a minute in length, with McNamara offering on each five-to-six lessons on what he calls "basic dude stuff."
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