3 weeks ago
Grief support from a distance 
Grief is an individual’s physical, behavioral, cognitive, spiritual and emotional reactions to a perceived significant loss. While our society tends to view grief as something that needs “gotten over”, grief is normal and healthy. A natural characteristic of grief that is exacerbated by our societal view is the tendency for the bereaved to feel isolated. During this time of COVID-19, this sense of isolation has been multiplied many times over. Even as the state is “re-opening”, we are still isolated, whether due to restrictions or self-imposed out of concern.
3 weeks ago
Shaffer announces candidacy for county commissioner
Charles Shaffer of Sebec is announcing his candidacy for Piscataquis County commissioner, District 2, representing Sebec, Atkinson, Dover-Foxcroft, Medford and Orneville. A graduate of Quinnipiac University School of Law, he has a long history of advocacy and service to people with intellectual disabilities as well individuals dealing with mental health and substance abuse issues. Shaffer is currently a community case manager in Bangor.
3 weeks ago
New health center opens in Monson after years of limited medical care
While creating an arts community along the shore of Lake Hebron has been at the heart of the Libra Foundation’s efforts to revitalize the Monson area, a newly developed health center should serve as an equally important development for the town’s 680 residents. The Monson Health Center, located in the town’s former elementary school, already is home to primary care services for patients of all ages through Northern Light Health, which opened last week.
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