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3 weeks ago
April events at Thompson Free Library
I have high hopes for spring, even if it’s taking an eternity to get here. A pileated woodpecker, I’ve named Pyewacket (after Kim Novak’s cat who stalks Jimmy Stewart in the quirky film “Bell, Book, & Candle”) is visiting our bird feeder at home (perhaps pye-babies will follow?). And, thankfully, ice cream stands are opening again!Black raspberry, anyone? Besides showers, April brings a wide-range of events to the Thompson Free Library in Dover-Foxcroft.
1 month ago
My Wild Fern brings art to the community
United Maine Crafter/artist Sarah Robinson, owner and creator of My Wild Fern, focuses on nature and creating environmentally friendly products by recycling, upcycling and reusing waste into most aspects of the art work. Recycling post-consumer (newspaper, junk mail, paper bags, etc.) waste paper into handmade paper is just one of the ways My Wild Fern recycles. By upcycling old clothing, curtains and yarn and reusing metal or wood to create new and beautiful products is the artist’s purpose.
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