27 mins ago
Commissioners approve financing package for sheriff’s department radio system
Earlier in the month the Piscataquis County Commissioners asked County Manager Tom Lizotte to collect proposals to fund an upgrade to the radio system for the Piscataquis County Sheriff’s to replace antiquated dispatch equipment with components dating to the 1980s. During a Sept. 18 meeting the commissioners approved a lease purchase proposal from Gorham Savings Bank for a total of a little more than $127,000 to be paid over five years.
2 days ago
Helping Hands receives Maine Community Foundation award for early childhood planning
In partnership with the United Way of Northeastern Maine, Helping Hands with Heart (HHH) has received one of six Early Childhood Community Planning Grants in the amount of $25,000 from The Maine Community Foundation. These funds will support a rigorous study of the region’s age 0-5 population, map community resources, identify barriers to early childhood education and develop local solutions intended to help communities ensure their youngest children are ready to learn and thrive when they begin school.
2 days ago
Guilford resident Van Dyke honored with book dedication
Betty Van Dyke of Guilford was recently notified that a soon to be released book is dedicated to her. Walter Boomsma, program director of Valley Grange in Guilford and the Maine State Grange communications director, has authored the book, "Exploring Traditions--Celebrating the Grange Way of Life." He dedicated the book to Van Dyke, calling her a "Granger Extraordinaire" and explaining the great influence she had during his "formative years" as a Grange member.