Protect the Electoral College

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To the Editor;
Lori Calderone’s March 13 letter about the national popular vote for president verses the Electoral College shows the common misconception about how the Electoral College works.

She says with a national popular vote “candidates will seek votes in all states — including Maine — not just swing states.” This is exactly the opposite of what a national popular vote will do. With a national popular vote, voters in Maine and other states with small populations (Wyoming, Montana, and Alaska, for example) may as well stay home on election day.

The less than one million votes in these small population states can be easily overpowered by neighborhoods in cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. No candidate will bother to campaign in a state when he or she will get the Electoral College votes by default.

It is the Electoral College that guarantees candidates will campaign in small population states. It is the Electoral College that guarantees the votes of all people, not just those in high population states and cities, will count.

Helen A. Shaw

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