Please pay attention when driving 

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To the Editor;

Ignorance or arrogance — I haven’t quite figured out which one it is that drives people to blatantly ignore the law, or (at the very least) fail to exercise common courtesy. I live in Corinth and travel Route 15 to and from Bangor quite frequently. I don’t mind saying that it has become a very disturbing drive. 


Why? I recently made the commute, and (just one way) counted 15 oncoming vehicles with drivers using their cellphones. I have also had several close calls with people crossing the centerline because they were doing something other than what they were supposed to be doing, which is paying attention to the road!  


How many more times are we going to hear news stories of fatal crashes due to inattentive drivers? How many more phone calls have to be made telling of the death of a loved one caused by someone who chose to ignore the law? 


There are currently very strict laws concerning driving while impaired with severe penalties. I firmly believe that using a cellphone (or any other device) while operating a motor vehicle should be treated as severely as operating under the influence. Distracted drivers can be just as lethal and destructive as impaired drivers, and should be dealt with in the same manner.  


Our law enforcement officers have enough on their plates, so it is up to us to be more responsible drivers. Pay attention to driving, and try being more courteous!


Peter Mishou 


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