Impeachment thoughts

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To the Editor;

In response to a recent letter by Pete Johnson I would first put forth the question, “How can one think that this impeachment process which has been going on since Trump took office in 2016 has nothing to do with the economy, unemployment or any other accomplishments of our President?”


Recently the USMCA  was passed by our Congress. This was because of President Trump’s  efforts to bring this to a vote. Also Phase I of a China trade deal was signed — albeit this has not solved all of our difficulties with China but it is  the first step in a process and should be a tremendous help to our farmers and other businesses. Despite, constantly being attacked on most media channels and without the help of the Democratic Party, President Trump has managed to accomplish many of his campaign promises. 


There is still much that needs to be done for those veterans living on the streets and our families in dire need of financial help. Perhaps we could all work more diligently  to help our neighbors/veterans by encouraging our churches and communities to reach out more and not to always depend on our government to take care of this. Sending money and supporting  the Wounded Warrior Project and other charitable organizations would be a good start for all of us.


Sending  troops to our southern border is a necessary deterrent against cartels, drug dealers, and  child sex smuggling. Having security along our border also helps protect our U.S. citizens living along the border.


Granted the national debt has increased, which always seems to be a  problem, much of which was inherited from previous administrations. Both parties of our government need to work together to decrease this enormous debt.


The  impeachment of our President in the House does not mean that he will be removed from office. We need to remind ourselves “Innocent Until Proven Guilty.” The Senate, more than likely, will acquit the President.


In closing, we can agree on one thing — whether having a military background or not — our parents should always be teaching their children to honor veterans, the Constitution and to tell the truth.


Colleen Taylor


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