Thomas announces candidacy for Maine Senate District 4

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Doug Thomas of Ripley has announced he is a Republican candidate for the Maine Senate District 4. Thomas is a successful small business owner and entrepreneur with customers across Central Maine. Thomas believes that the government of Maine needs to put the welfare of Maine people first.  There are a lot of problems around the country and around the world and it is not up to the people of Maine, with their hard-earned money, to pay for those problems through their tax dollars. We need to help our own people first.




Thomas wants to use his experience to maximize the efficiency of state government and cut the fat in Augusta. There is no valid reason why everything should be centralized to 14,000 state employees in Augusta and as state senator, he will seek to maximize the delivery of government services closer to home, either at the municipal or county level wherever and whenever possible.  This will keep your tax dollars circulating in our local economy and ensure maximum accountability for those dollars, including for expanded school choice, charter schools and increased investment in vocational education.


Thomas has worked hard to expand vocational education in this area to give the next generation the ability to stay in Maine and raise a family. He hopes to continue that fight in Augusta by better use of existing funds. Thomas believes that Maine is the best place on earth to raise a family and that too many of our children have to move away to support their families. We need to fix that. We can start by electing someone who understands small business and is willing to fight to improve conditions here so our children can thrive, and grow.  


Small business is the engine of the Maine economy. We need to elect someone who understands small business. It’s the backbone of employment in rural Maine. Augusta has become increasingly disconnected from the people they’re supposed to represent. Every year it has become harder and harder for small business to make ends meet. Big business has learned that regulations give them a competitive advantage because they can afford the cost of compliance with burdensome regulations when their smaller competitors can’t. When businesses are forced to raise prices it hurts the elderly on fixed incomes most of all.


As elected representative, Thomas will not be afraid to say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done if it means that it is the right thing for rural Maine so our small towns can thrive once again.

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