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To the Editor;
If 97 percent of mechanics told you that the plane your family was boarding was unsafe, would you stop them? Ninety seven percent of climate scientists are warning us of the impacts of human-caused climate change. Let’s switch planes.

In his column, Matthew Gagnon cites seven climate “alarmists” who between 1969 and 1989 called out early warnings that were inaccurate. He uses these inaccuracies to try to debunk the claims of 97 percent of today’s climate scientists.

Gagnon, CEO of The Maine Heritage Center, writes thoughtful pieces but the underpinning seems to be a fear that any increase in government activity, in this case in response to climate change, restricts our free market economy. So, Gagnon doubts climate change. But we can attack climate change without using government regulation.

The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, H.R. 763 is a bipartisan bill placing a gradually increasing fee on carbon, returning the dividend to all individuals on an equal basis. It is an approach supported by over 3,500 economists. It allows the free market to choose the winners and the losers, driving innovation in renewable energy. Let your members of Congress know that you too support this action.

Nancy Jacobson

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