Climate change criticism

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To the Editor;
Congratulations and thanks to Matthew Gagnon for his column, “Why climate change skeptics still exist.” It’s remarkable that all the apocalyptic predictions of climate doom (Al Gore and many others) over the past 30 years have come to naught. Now they must make predictions for many decades in the future so we naysayers won’t be around to criticize.

The term “climate change denier” is weasel words. It implies that climate has never changed before humans started their dangerous meddling. Must have been those cavemen with their campfires that brought about the melting of the great ice sheets that once covered our continents?

And one more little irritant: The BDN never misses a chance to worry lobstermen and others about temperatures in the Gulf of Maine rising “faster than 99.9 percent than the rest of the planet’s oceans.” Could it possibly be related to the fact that about 80 percent of the Earth’s volcanic eruptions take place beneath the surface of the seas? But that possibility wouldn’t fit the narrative that we’re doomed if we don’t change our ways.

Alan Boone

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